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The state of the gun industry rant: ON.

Right now large gun industry entities are promoting and providing an outlet for non-rates (who probably should be classified as hobbyists) to shine and get undeserved attention. This provides a very negative effect on us as consumers. There are potential long term effects from the bad info these people share.

Many of these Instagram/YouTube famous people are providing our community with wrong info and inaccurate insights. This is causing a snowball effect making impressionable people who have no business discussing insights with firearms think their voice too should be heard as a voice of authority. There is nothing wrong with entertainment, just don’t confuse it with real sources of proven information.

Remember how people compared all of the new training companies to McDojos years ago?
Social media is the new place to gain clout and success through shares, hits, and views but not actual hard work and experience.

Side affects include:

-Special snowflakes that think their inexperienced opinion matters.

-YouTube channels that are wastes of time.

-Overabundance of Gun Bunnies.


The worst part, the consumers of this drivel don’t know any better and accept it all as fact. This is why we have those arguments about subpar options – the brainwashed think they are right.

When you see this crap promoted by a company you respect, call them on it. They deserve it and you as an educated consumer deserve it. If we can influence these companies to provide better information to the public we can positively influence our industry as well as our military and law enforcement. Imagine if people knew better, Condor wouldn’t be worn by cops or soldiers.

Honesty, integrity, and character are still things that matter.

Is there potential this bad info can lead to people getting hurt or killed? Yes!

Could someone that doesn’t understand the basics of an AR15 effectively teach others via YouTube how to assemble a properly functional rifle? Not likely!

Everyone has an opinion, but not all opinions are equal.

The state of the gun industry rant: OFF.


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