Ideas & Concepts,

Minimal Versus Optimal

Where does the thought that a concealed defensive weapon should be small, no optic, no light, and will only be fired using point shooting in three rounds, in three seconds, at three yards come from? It seems people let convenience and comfort dictate, thus making their carry firearm a magic talisman to ward off evil…. read more »

Initial Personal Investments in Self Defense

When it comes to the reality of deadly force application, there is a lot of misinformation pushed by emotional appeals. This isn’t about “works for me” or someone’s “freedom to choose”- this is about the gravity of making good versus bad decisions. These decisions start with our investments. Investments in weapons, supporting equipment, and most… read more »

Not all Instructors are Equal

Be cautious with whom you take courses from. General law enforcement and/or military experience does not make someone an instructor. Being a high level competitor does not make someone an instructor. NRA courses check a box for some organizations but does not make someone an instructor. …but they have a cert that says instructor… if… read more »

EDC Snakeoil

Commercially available defensive duty caliber pistol ammunition designed to defeat soft armor (NiJ IIIa) is a gimmick. 1 – Does the ammunition perform at the same level as HST or Gold Dot on non-armored targets? No. 2 – Does the ammunition perform at the level of HST or Gold Dot after penetrating soft armor? No… read more »

Invest In Yourself Before Investing In More Stuff

We drive every day but that doesn’t mean we should be racing in the Indy 500. Consider the level of training and experience the average driver on the road has compared to paid drivers who compete in professional races. Who would you trust more to put in a formula one car and win a high… read more »

Leaping to Conclusions on Social Media

When someone posts a picture on social media, a lot of information beyond just what is featured in the picture is being shared. If it is one of those horrible “EDC drop” pictures where people are looking for praise and validation but not critical feedback, a lot can be gleaned from that picture. At the… read more »

Responding to People in Crisis

I think it is important to discuss and spread awareness of some issues that most people prefer to ignore and not think about until it is too late – mental health crisis. With lockdowns and Covid, people have been put in unusually stressful conditions, and not everyone reacts and responds the same way. As a… read more »

The Cult of the EDC Concealment Pistol Weaponlight

I am seeing trends in how people feel the need to go to extremes to virtue signal the use of weaponlights on every day carry concealment pistols. Not every weaponlight is equal and most are plain underpowered for their task. Most of the pro weaponlight people seem to latch onto the idea of weaponlights due… read more »

The Police Pendulum

The Devolution of Law Enforcement in the 21st Century             Every thirty to fifty years, there’s a shift between public-favored lawlessness and an anti-criminal sentiment.  The phenomenon of anti-law enforcement / pro-criminal sentiments is often referred to as, “cyclical” or even analogized as, “the pendulum.”  Both assume that this is only temporary and sooner or… read more »

Not John Wick

There is a pervasive idea that seems to thrive with the gun owner demographic who think mere ownership equals mastery. These are the same people who are easily influenced by deceptive marketing because they do not have the means of seeing what is a good or bad idea on their own. They dismiss good quality… read more »


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