Ideas & Concepts,

Different Interpretations of Training

Most everyone has their own idea of what training is and what it entails. For some, finding a berm and shooting into is training. Others hit the weight room a spend X amount of time lifting heavy objects as training. Attending a professional course can be training. Fewer will have a plan to focus on… read more »

Purposefully Reducing Your EDC Footprint

There comes a time when someone decides their EDC setup is insufficient for all tasks. In most instances it is due to clothing restrictions at a special event or place which would need closer to a deep conceal or non-permissive environment (NPE) setup with a smaller firearm. Remember- mission drives the gear. Want to carry… read more »

A Missing Terminal Ballistic Frame of Reference

There is an interesting pattern with people who are looking for the best possible defensive pistol ammo and yet are drawn to questionable unproven solutions that feature misleading information to sell it. They buy the questionable ammo and defend it while repeating advertising claims without having an understanding of how it actually compares to known… read more »

Maintaining Consistent Shells in the Tube

Staggering rounds in a shotgun or having different types of shells loaded into the tube/magazine is not a good idea. For a defensive shotgun or any shotgun that has a specific role or purpose, it should be loaded with the most appropriate shells for that task. Any specialty rounds or different rounds (buck or slug)… read more »

The Over Reliance on SMEs

I have a theory as to why it is difficult for some to grasp nuance with defensive concepts, especially in weapon, caliber, and gear choices. For many people who have sought professional instruction and insight in defensive/offensive concepts, they have taken it as gospel with little discussion or thought as to how it applies to… read more »

Optimal Is Not Universal

To disregard options and recognize optimal isn’t universal is quite short sighted. Concealment capabilities have increased dramatically with products like the Phlster Enigma. Combine that with certain guns chambered in mouse calibers, and you have a system compatible with the most stringent antigun policies and visits to the beach wearing proper attire without issue. Shown-… read more »

Does Body Armor Fit Your Needs?

The following will upset some who have not thought things through. The goal is to be smart about buying stuff and integrate with your system and mindset. If you have armor but have not trained with it, how will you perform while wearing it? How do you know how the armor affects or hinders your… read more »

Justification For Carrying A Firearm

What about humans has changed in the last one thousand years? Has there been a physiological change? Has our core behavior as a species changed? Have we established a Utopia? Do we still have social classes with an untouchable politician/celebrity/royalty class and a working class/peasants? Do we still have animals who look human but do… read more »

Training Toward a More Complete Skillset

We regularly emphasize the importance of training, but we don’t point out enough that training itself doesn’t provide all the answers. Training can provide a frame of reference, a technique, a better method, or means of doing a process, but most generic training does not provide a complete solution to a problem. Problems are rarely… read more »

On School Resource Officers

As I circulate through our profession, I have developed a general impression of the School Resource Officer (SRO) programs we as a community have developed and allowed to exist since 1999. First, some context. I am not an SRO expert. My specialization is not School policing; I am a tactical patrol officer, leadership and SWAT… read more »