Justification For Carrying A Firearm


What about humans has changed in the last one thousand years? Has there been a physiological change? Has our core behavior as a species changed? Have we established a Utopia? Do we still have social classes with an untouchable politician/celebrity/royalty class and a working class/peasants? Do we still have animals who look human but do not act like it? Do we still have we senseless violence?

We might like to think we are superior, but we are not. We may have more education and more resources an our ancestors, but at the core- are we different? No. We are the same species that slaughtered civilizations in the name of religion and intentionally spread disease to weaken populations. We are the same species that killed others for food, land, gold, etc.

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Technology has changed, but we have not. The way the upper-class rules and affects others is through technology. Influence through social media and news media puts groups against each other with a few keystrokes. Manipulation which creates outrage is just another tool for control. We can see how easily one side can be manipulated into hating another with such little effort.

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Civilization is just organization and efficiency- it is not morality, decency, or civility. The individuals that are comprised of the civilization could be plucked from one and dropped into another without issue if they grow up within the new society. Take a newborn from Europe in the 1700s and drop it into a family in the U.S. now and there will not be a noticeable difference in their behavior because our basic wiring is the same. That morality, decency, and civility are individual values that happen to be shared by some but are ultimately honored by the individual. The opposite- there are also those among us who have wiring that makes them more predatory towards others, the animals, the criminals.

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We like to think we as a species are advanced beyond the other animals we share this planet, we think we are civil and proper, but we are not. There is still uncontrollable rage all over the world, there are still injustices, there are still people going hungry while others are obese. There is currently not a solution to resolving the issue of the violent nonconforming criminals and putting humans down for not following social norms is not en vogue. How do we deal with these animals? In a perfect world, they follow the law. In a perfect world, existing laws would be enforced. In a perfect world, the penalties for breaking the law would deter law breaking. In a perfect world, proper penalties for breaking the law would occur. In a perfect world, armed defenders stop the criminals before they kill or maim others. But reality is no armed defender will be able to intercept and stop all or most of the violence, so the fastest solution is for the citizen to be their own armed defense. In this world, the citizen needs the ability to stop the animal.

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If our civilization crumbled tomorrow, how many people will be murdered because there is no penalty? How many will be killed because they have something another wants? How many will kill to provide for their family?

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Every human has justification to carry a firearm and maintain a means of defense for themselves and their family. That justification is they live among other humans. History shows… proves the violence and the threat humans present.


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