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Pro Recoil bannerProfessional & Duty Policy/Weapons/Concept discussions:

Professional/Duty – This group was made to discuss the professional aspects of military, law enforcement, and contracting. Policy, best practices, and weapons /gear that are unique to professional use are discussed here.

Professionals and enthusiasts are welcome. Posers and people who espouse their opinion without fact or science backing them up are not welcome.

This is not a general firearms discussion group.

novicebanner01Weapons/Concepts discussions:

This is the place for serious discussion of guns, corresponding gear, and mindset for civilian, military, and police end use.

This group is the hub and all other P&S groups are specialty groups which may require further criteria for entry.

A blank profile will not gain entrance to any of these groups unless you are added by a known member.

Firearms, firearms accessories, holsters, silencers, weaponlights, grips, slings, optics, optic mounts, magazines, gun parts, concepts, for duty use as well as personal use in self/home defense.

ghearbanner01Gear/Equipment discussions:

Gear/Equipment – armor, helmets, plate carriers, chest rigs, backpacks, shoes, boots, clothing, outerwear, uniforms, radios, gun cases, headwear, eyewear, gear, equipment for use both professionally and personally.

medMedical discussions:

Medical – case studies, medical equipment, procedures, practices, training (if it has anything to do with medical it goes here).

sniperbanner02Sniper/Precision discussions:

Sniper/Precision – discussing magnified optics, ballistic solvers/calculators, precision rifles, tripods, bipods, range finders, concepts for use professionally and personally but of a professional grade.

12210913_10206715531619231_193698482_oTraining Announcements & Discussion

This group focuses on training and skill development in relation to firearms and associated skills.

Games Competition discussions:

Competition – discussion of firearms, holsters, accessories, concepts for use in competition.

13220710_10207429158181830_7369622102905900041_oFitness/Nutrition/Martial Arts discussions:

12439428_245902982423877_5307302747571677057_nGlobal Terrorism & War discussions:

WorkbenchDIY & Armorer/Gunsmith Help:

13221079_278721332475375_4907727673968862321_nSales group:

prep banner 01PrepGroup:

Other Groups:



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