Optimal Is Not Universal


To disregard options and recognize optimal isn’t universal is quite short sighted.

Concealment capabilities have increased dramatically with products like the Phlster Enigma. Combine that with certain guns chambered in mouse calibers, and you have a system compatible with the most stringent antigun policies and visits to the beach wearing proper attire without issue.

Shown- 22LR, 22 Magnum, 32 acp, 380 acp, 32 long, 32 H&R Magnum, 327 Federal Magnum, and 38 Special.

There are some tiny guns chambered in these calibers that essentially can be used as ballistic pepper spray- shoot and scoot. Carrying a gun that fires a cartridge which is meeting FBI ballistic standards just isn’t always an option. Not everyone has the same mission, strength, dexterity, skill, budget, etc. Thinking everyone is the same is simply wrong.

These calibers are also associated with backup guns. Carrying a gun chambered in 9mm isn’t always feasible, sometimes a lesser caliber with greater skill behind the trigger will be needed. I personally am not planning my day to hunt terrorists and rescue hostages on my off times – I leave that for days on and dress and outfit myself appropriately for that task. When I am going places that increase the possibility of needing a gun, I carry something that can be more effective (larger, 9mm, greater capacity, better sights).

Would you rather go with no gun versus a gun chambered in one of these calibers? We will be discussing this in Tomorrow’s ModCast (07/25/2022).


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