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First of a three part series – Ash Hess

What’s the best?

What XXXXX should I get?

We have all seen posts like this across the internet. Prior to that it was talked about in gun shops and in taverns. The response you get is often thick on opinion and thin on actual data. That opinion maybe correct, but not the why behind it. The problem is multi-faceted and difficult to attack.

Real information on products, particularly new products, is controlled by both the company and the handful of people either under the employ or in the good graces of the company for other reasons. This means early information is more marketing than true performance of the item. Most understand this with everything else, but the firearms community seems to forget it. Most buyers want something because of a need or a gap that needs to be filled. Even the government follows this model.

One of the key factors in deciding what exactly the need is, which is the only way to fill it, is data collection. Too many based purchases on feel. This XXXX feels great! Its perfect. Then it does not perform to the need and something else is purchased. Great for business, bad for consumers. All I am going to lay out some ways to start collecting the data on performance.

First, as I and many others have said, know the role of the item. Without this, there is no way to know the gaps. With a solid data set, you will know if the item will make it better. Also keep in mind, the firearm and the shooter are a system, and both must be accounted for.

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A basic form of journal entry is the first step but a few items are must haves. In the day of the cell phone, this is easier than ever before. There are few things I can’t recommend enough for this. You can use these brands or find something that accomplishes the same task.

  1. Note taking App
  2. Magnetospeed
  3. Mantis X
  4. Ballistic- X App

The next article will get deeper into it.


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