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As some of you may have noticed, and probably enjoyed, I took a hiatus from posting here. I have been building Quantified Performance, LLC. This has soaked up most of my free time and even harder to find than time is things to say. As the company built, matches were conducted, and lessons learned I found myself not in a talkative mood about things like likes, buttons and the latest gizmo. I found myself focused completely on the skillset vs the stuff. Most of the content went to the Members as we built that group.

I figured it was time to drop in here and pass along some things that we have learned over the past year and say what’s up.

First, we have validated the Shot Process over and over again. I have however found that it has major and minor points. The majors are the high level must dos and the minors are what you should/can do. That’s based off target size, distance and capability. Just like we said in 2016. The majors are stability and aim. If the stability is weak, the aim will suffer. Then the minors come into play. The actual act of pressing the trigger, particularly a match trigger in a rifle, is minor. When you do that, is minor when you have proper aim and stability. Think about it.

Next, magnify everything except for dedicated, niche rifles. This is the opposite of days of old where only a dedicated long-range rig had magnification.  Now, if you are fighting a uniformed enemy and everything with a heartbeat is a legitimate target, the need drops. If you live in the real world, add Zoomin’s.  A CQB rifle that will only be used for FISH red dots are still king. (Fighting in Someone’s House for you newby’s)

Get your velocity. If you fancy yourself a pro shooter/trainer and you are doing anything past 50 yards you need velocity. Not a guess at velocity, actual velocity. I was you. I went years guessing or not caring. I have been learnt. You need to know where your bullet is in flight. Period. You can get this information in a few ways but every one of them ends with knowing your velocity and BC of the bullet.

Zero your firearm. I shouldn’t have to say it. But I do.

I will close with a bit on Quantified Performance. We have two parts, a paid membership group (dues are $12 a year) and run semi-auto rifle matches. Those matches have about 150 targets over 2 days from 100-1000+ yards. The prize table is worth an average of 40k spread out over 120 competitors depending on where you place. The trend is that the members group buys up all the slots so you probably will only see “Sold Out” posts about the match if you outside the group. Inside the members group we have pro shooters interacting with industry people and shooters of every skill level. There is only one rule, if you post it has to be quantifiable content. Yes, you have to use your firearm to post.

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