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I recently got the long awaited Mantis X10 in hand. Of all the features that come with this version I have been waiting for the Recoil tool the most. Before I get on to that, the X10 is processing faster and is easier to mount than the previous version. While those are worthy upgrades for rifle focus shooting the recoil data is by far the most useful.

The X10 gives you reset time, recoil angle, width of your recoil pattern and the muzzle rise. Using the X10 allows you to gather real type what is happening under recoil. Some would argue that they can see all the same information during the shot, and they may well be correct, recording it and being able to return to it on demand and over time is well worth the cost of admission.

For those looking to perfect their rifle shooting this is a must have tool. You can arm yourself with the knowledge of what specifically to fix in your shot process and shooting.

If you look at my examples here you see that my muzzle rise is low at 0.13 and 0.15 degrees across two sessions. We can quantify that the muzzle is not rising. You will also see my recovery time is low at .12 and .11. Now, what is interesting is that my width is almost a full degree. Another thing you can see from the individual shoots is the recoil angle is inconsistent. One shot will be at 70 degrees and the next 30.

This tells me my position is allowing the rifle to swing under recoil and despite not being much rise, that rise is going in different directions. These are tied together and gives me a specific thing to practice in my shot process. Rather than focusing on the wrong things, I can focus one making sure my position is more stable for left and right and see if that changes the recoil angle. With this focus, I will get better use of rounds. More importantly, I don’t need to use match grade ammunition to work this.

Over the next few weeks we will all see how this focus works out and where it leads.

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