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Five on Friday – 6Oct2017

Photo Cred – Phlster Instagram Happy Five on Friday, everyone.  Given the recent tragedy in Las Vegas, we tried to include a couple of medical-related links. From Battlefields to our Neighborhoods: A Path to Zero Preventable Deaths Did China Use Water as a Weapon in the Doklam Standoff? The Mistake of Only Comparing US Murder… read more »

Five on Friday – 29Sept2017

Photo cred – OPTactical Instagram/Jake Wanson Happy Five on Friday, folks.  Technology didn’t want to cooperate last week, so we have a couple extra links to make up for it.  Hope you enjoy. Iranian Unconventional Warfare in Yemen Filling the Maritime-Law Enforcement Gap Understanding +P Ammunition How the US Can Counter Threats from DIY Weapons… read more »

Five on Friday – 8Sept2017

Photo Cred – See Inside Massive Wildfires with These Stunning Pictures The West Might Hardly Believe it, But it Now Seems the Syrian War is Ending – and Assad is the Victor How Science Knows When Nations are Testing Nuclear Bombs — Even When They Are Lying Brain Drain: The Mere Presence… read more »

Five on Friday … err Saturday, Several on Saturday – 19Aug2017

Photo Cred – DARC Instagram Happy FoF, everyone.  It’s been an eventful week, so there’s plenty of interesting reading material this week. Sage Dynamics/Aaron Cowan – Report on MRDS for Duty Handgun Use Multiple People Injured – Knife Attack in Finland Barcelona attack: 13 killed as van rams crowds in Las Ramblas… read more »

Five on Friday – 28July2017

Photo Cred – DARC Instagram NASA Just Dropped A Ton Of Rare Footage Of Blackbirds Doing What They Do Best You Have Totally Earned This 4-Minute Video Of The Navy Blowing Stuff Up North Korea tests another ICBM, putting U.S. cities in range National Geographic – Among the Ruins of Mosul… read more »

Five on Friday – 21July2017

Photo cred – Centrifuge Training Instagram Defense Intelligence Agency’s 2017 Report on Russia Military Power The City is the Battlefield of the Future DEA Warns of “Circle of Hell” in Mexico Some Beautiful WWII Color Images In Over Their Heads: U.S. Ground Forces Are Dangerously Unprepared for Enemy Drones  

Five on Friday – 7July2017

Apologies for the lack of FoF the last two weeks.  I was either out of town or I had no internet/no power. *************** Why It’s No Longer Possible for Any Country to Win a War *************** How to Deal with North Korea *************** Child Sex Trafficking and Cognitive Dissonance Child Sex Trafficking &… read more »

Grouping: the Baseline

Judge me by your group size do you? Grouping TC 3-22.9 states “The goal of the grouping exercise is for the shooter to fire tight shot groups and consistently place those groups in the same location.” Many talk of shooting good groups and even more, sadly, talk about their weapons advertised grouping ability. Rarely, do… read more »

P&S ModCast 102 – PatMac, Gun Rights, NFA

Primary & Secondary ModCast Panel discusses PatMac’s appearance on Comedy Central, gun rights, and the NFA (with a couple other topics). Seeing how the public responded to the Comedy Central video and noticing a lack of media sources providing an avenue for him to provide clarification, I felt it was necessary that I provide that… read more »