Pushing Your Capabilities

Pushing Your Capabilities

Last spring now, I shot the randomized department qualification course at my old agency. This particular course of fire involved handguns from 3 yards moving back to 50 yards with no time limits. Accuracy standards were the entirety of a box the same size as the classic “Q” target. Ignoring the obvious issues with such a course, i.e. anywhere is a hit and no speed factor, lets focus on what I learned.

I shot as fast as I could while maintaining what I accept as accuracy – think IPSC “A” zone. Sadly, I was done before the other officers were done firing and with a tighter group. Most times one would say this should be bragging rights or something to feel good about. Well I was feeling good when I left the work qualifications, and went to shoot on my own.

First up for me was a list of Skill Drills from the Primary & Secondary Youtube channel. When I attempted to shoot the “Hateful Eight” drill, I realized that doing well at a lowest common denominator department qualification course of fire means nothing. It took me approximately 5 runs to get the course of fire completed in under 10 seconds, never mind the part time of under 8 seconds.

This realization humbled me and made me work to perform. It also reminded me of something I learned in a pistol class with John Chapman of LMS Defense last year. Anyone can shoot well at their workplace that generally has a minimum level of competency required, generally a disgustingly low level. Taking classes from good instructors with a mix of LE, MIL and everyday citizens who take training serious, will show you that you need to step it up.



Please watch the Skill Drill’s videos. Record the relevant target, course of fire and par time info. Then shoot them. Video it. Track your performance. Challenge yourself and get better. You can only benefit.

There are a ton of helpful drills on the P&S Skill Drill playlist as well as on the awesome forum we have. Be sure to check them out.




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