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Pushing Your Capabilities

Pushing Your Capabilities Last spring now, I shot the randomized department qualification course at my old agency. This particular course of fire involved handguns from 3 yards moving back to 50 yards with no time limits. Accuracy standards were the entirety of a box the same size as the classic “Q” target. Ignoring the obvious issues with such a course, i.e. anywhere is a hit and no speed factor, lets focus on what I learned. I shot as fast as I could while maintaining what I accept as accuracy - think IPSC "A" zone. Sadly, I was done before the other officers were done firing and with a tighter group. Most times one would say this should be bragging rights or something to feel good about. Well I was feeling good when I left the work qualifications, and went to shoot on my own. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrRQ__gsOAs09EMBuYlJbFiz155LFz1_j First up for me was a list of Skill Drills from the Primary & Secondary Youtube channel. When I attempted to shoot the “Hateful Eight” drill, I realized that doing well at a lowest common denominator department qualification course of fire means nothing. It took me approximately 5 runs to get the course of fire completed


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