Amtac Shooting Women’s Combatives Course, Cummings GA

This is a custom course for women only.  It is designed to teach you to better protect yourself and your loved ones.  It will increase your confidence in knowing how to most effectively use your tools.  This is not a shooting course.  You will learn basic combatives and blade work and then transition to drawing… read more »

Kita Stoeger & James de Lambert, Pistol 1, Augusta, WI

  If you have never shot a pistol, or have shot a pistol and are ready to refine your skills, this is the class for you! We want to get more people shooting and get them trained. If you don’t have a gun, email:, and we will get you sorted out. Kita is an NRA… read more »

Grouping: the Baseline

Judge me by your group size do you? Grouping TC 3-22.9 states “The goal of the grouping exercise is for the shooter to fire tight shot groups and consistently place those groups in the same location.” Many talk of shooting good groups and even more, sadly, talk about their weapons advertised grouping ability. Rarely, do… read more »

Pushing Your Capabilities

Pushing Your Capabilities Last spring now, I shot the randomized department qualification course at my old agency. This particular course of fire involved handguns from 3 yards moving back to 50 yards with no time limits. Accuracy standards were the entirety of a box the same size as the classic “Q” target. Ignoring the obvious issues… read more »


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