SHOT Show 2017 Part Two

Part two of SHOT followed a late night of cigars whiskey and bourbon… to say that motivation was lacking this morning would be the understatement of the century. None the less we marched on in the name of providing new and exciting coverage!


Products of note:

Velocity Systems / Mayflower chest rig retro kit:

Velocity systems and Mayflower debuted a retro upgrade kit for guys with existing chest rigs looking to add hard plates to their kit without buying a full PC. The kit includes a plate sleeve that slides into the existing main pocket of the chest rig. The chest then attaches using existing buckles to a full back panel with an integral plate pocket and hydro pouch. The back panel is full molle and has integral shoulder straps.   This is a very promising option for anyone with a chest rig that needs the ability to up armor.

Blue Force Gear hypalon pocket holster:

BFG has taken the pocket holster from a questionable idea to a practical solution for carry in non-permissive environments. The pocket holster features hypalon construction  with a sleek carbon fiber fin to lock the holster into your pocket. So far the available models are limited to only a few micro guns but BFG promises more models to come in the near future including the J-frame and the Glock 43

American Defense Manufacturing 9mm carbine:

ADM brought their 9mm carbine out and as with everything ADM makes their attention to detail is nothing short of remarkable. This is not your typical cobbled together 9mm conversion. This is a ground up dedicated 9mm solution that incorporated the extremely well designed ADM full ambi-controls.  Available for now in 9″ and 16″ barrel lengths.

Day 3 of the show was full of meetings and a few last minute goodbyes.  For those who have not been to SHOT you should know it is quite an experience.  You’ll probably never find a more eclectic gathering of so many good people and great products floating like the last bastions of hope in a sea of the very derp P&S work so hard to eradicate.


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