After Action Reports

Citizens Defense Research Contextual Revolver: Fundamental Revolver Skills AAR Caleb Giddings, Instructor

Citizens Defense Research Contextual Revolver: Fundamental Revolver Skills AARCaleb Giddings, InstructorBy Pat Tarrant16-17 September 2023Hosted by Green Ops, Culpeper, VAPhotos by author, Green Ops, and Citizens Defense Research Instructor discussing multiple aspects of grip and trigger manipulation during lecture portionPhoto by Joshua Shaw, Green Ops Class description (from Revolver Skills is a 2-day course… read more »

Centrifuge Training- Instructor VCQB AAR

Last week I attended the five day Centrifuge Training- Instructor VCQB (Vehicle Close Quarters Combat) course. The range/host was a local police department. I had previously hosted Pat Rogers at this range years ago. I went through the police academy in the 90s and my training that covers fighting around vehicles was minimal and continued… read more »

SYMTAC Consulting Shotgun Skills AAR

8-9 October, 2022Hosted by Green OpsShadow Hawk Defense Range, Hedgesville, WVPhotos by the author and Green Ops instructors Instructors:Rob HaughtMatt HaughtBob MeffordGary Powers Class Description (from flagship class, Shotgun Skills has been in continuous evolution for decades. Based around the Push-Pull method of recoil control that Rob began teaching in the 1980s, it has… read more »

P&S Training Summit Assessment

I am personally looking forward to the 2021 P&S Training Summit this year. I wanted to explain why I am excited to be back again and why you might want to be there too. I understand that the ammunition availability situation right now is not ideal for many people.  For me, that is almost irrelevant for this event.  Sure, there are many… read more »

AAR: Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun

Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun6/6/2021Culpepper, VA Instructor: Steve Fisher Class Outline: “An entry level course where students are familiarized with their shotguns” Intro: I have taken several firearms classes from nearly as many instructors, but this is my first real shotgun training class.  I went in with an open mind, a good quality shotgun, full hydration,… read more »

Tap Rack Tactical AAR

In September of last year, I had the pleasure of hosting Bill Blowers of Tap-Rack Tactical for his two day Tactical Pistol class. I am just getting around to finishing the AAR, but hopefully it will give anyone looking into the course an accurate idea of what to expect. TL;DR: Some people want a quick… read more »

Citizen Defense Research – The Armed Parent/Guardian AAR

*DISCLAIMER*My slot in this class was comped with the request that I write a truthful AAR for the P&S Network by John Johnston. Further prior to class I considered both John and Melody friends and folks I respect in “the industry” so I’m a bit biased. That said, the content and merits of the class… read more »

Gunslingin #4

If you have been keeping up with the series, you know that we have talked positions and data. Now its time to talk about the spot where a ton of mistakes, plus failures in position and data cost time and money. The average match round for 5.56 is about $1 and in the PRS series… read more »

Gunslingin’ #2

If you didn’t read my last article, hit it up here As I mentioned before, the next few articles are going to be focused on the shooting I have been doing this year. I have been really focused on the Precision Rifle Series Gas Gun, specifically Tactical. I ran the series with a mostly stock… read more »