P&S Training Summit Assessment

I am personally looking forward to the 2021 P&S Training Summit this year. I wanted to explain why I am excited to be back again and why you might want to be there too.

I understand that the ammunition availability situation right now is not ideal for many people.  For me, that is almost irrelevant for this event.  Sure, there are many talented instructors who are teaching ‘shooting’ classes.  Beyond the fact that many of them have adjusted curriculum to maximize training with less ammunition required, take a look at the classes not involving shooting live ammunition at all! At the risk of leaving out some phenomenal instruction in this post, in this one weekend you could come away with a great foundation of knowledge in the fields of medical care, body armor, CQB, Mindset, low light tactics, interacting with unknown individuals, and more! To emphasize, even if you are unable to afford any ammunition for the event, the classroom instruction is already well worth the price of admission.

One of the primary reasons I have not yet taken a medical class, for example, was I did not have the time or money to devote to a two-day class.  The same can be said for most of these topics.  Here is the perfect example to get medical training, and more (topics we all know we should be more focused on, but at the same time can be a hard sell), for the price of a single event.

Let’s say you can bring some ammunition to this event, but not a lot.  For those truly looking to improve their skills, many times you attend a multi-day shooting class, and bring away a few nuggets of wisdom, or a few minor adjustments that you can continue to work on after the class.  At the P&S Summit, with the unique schedule of half day curriculums, you can get those same nuggets from a variety of instructors on more than just a single topic.  You might find some new efficiency in your draw stroke with Scott Jedlinski in the morning, then have another ‘aha’ moment on the 300 yard rifle range with Jared Reston in the afternoon, while still having over two full days of training left.

Finally, if the knowledge and training are not enough, consider the environment and experience.  I am not a high speed, low drag guy.  I am not mil or le, never have been.  I am a nobody when it comes to firearms industry. I am just a guy who likes this stuff.  Despite my lack of ‘creds,’ I have never felt more welcome that I was at the P&S summit last year.  People who could have completely ignored me took the time to visit, socialize, and really made me feel welcome.

For the price, this event is the complete package.  It will be a firehose of relevant, useful, and important information.  It will be an amazing opportunity to interact with some of the best in the business.  It will be an event you will know was well worth the investment.  I hope this perspective helps your decision, and look forward to seeing everyone in Utah next weekend!


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