Witch Hunts & Manufactured Outrage


We are living in a new era of witch hunts and manufactured outrage. There are puppet masters making a lot of money off of the masses by creating fake outrage surrounding people, organizations, things, and concepts. Pro 2nd Amendment individuals and organizations are being called out as anti gun by people and organizations (and their supporters) who really only line their own pockets with minimal efforts to preserve/fights for our rights. This trend is not unique to the gun world – it is everywhere.

Sadly some of our pro 2nd Amendment brothers and sisters are so susceptible to suggestion that instead of doing any research or looking into an issue being discussed they immediately rage and take the side of their  favorite personality or organization. The days of people with the ability to think independently are soon gone. Nowadays anything can trigger this manufactured outrage. I warn you we are soon to the point where not liking a brand or roll mark will brand you as anti gun.  Soon someone that urges the use of a gun lock or a gun safe will clearly be deemed anti gun (because I don’t want to lock my guns up, you are trying to infringe on muh rights!).

Undoubtedly we have people among us who provide inaccurate information on purpose just to stir the pot. Critical thinking helps us identify those sources. This road we are on is that same road where we throw our rights away willingly because we are so damn divided and no one can think for themselves. People are seeking things to be upset about – look at social media – read posts – they seem to need polarization, they want absolutes and take info as absolute. Understanding nuance and accepting it is quite foreign. Our peers are so desperate to be relevant, liked, and accepted they are willing to throw away their own independence to be in the “in crowd” – because independent thought used to be a thing.

You didn’t capitalize the A in 2nd Amendment – you must be anti-gun!


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