Real Threats To Our 2nd Amendment

We don’t do political posts on Primary & Secondary. In case anyone wonders, we are extremely Pro 2nd Amendment. A majority of the staff are current or former Military and Law Enforcement. Of those staff members who did not serve in an official capacity, they serve our communities with helping, educating, and being examples of productive gun owners and gun wearers.

There are a lot of wasted efforts in the gun world, especially within gun enthusiast organizations. A lot of posturing and a lot of people drawing imaginary lines in the sand against an enemy that isn’t as overt as they claim.

Our immediate enemy isn’t the federal government or gun grabbers, our enemy is bad info being spread by gun enthusiasts. Ignorant pro-gun groups are preparing for a physical revolt while our rights are being attacked on their watch under their noses. Laugh at California and tell the gun owners from there to move, it is just a matter of time before your state is affected. They could have done something but instead, people decided to play dress up and pretend to prepare for war or argue about stupid emotional ties to obscure weapons.

Our rights are in danger – but they aren’t danger from an imaginary UN army going to take your guns. Our rights are under attack by our own politicians. These politicians get elected while talking about concepts they don’t understand – guns and gun crime. When people stop posting memes, stop arguing about stupidity, and stop wasting other people’s time trolling we can begin our own educational counter-assault. Instead of talking about the revolution, write and call your elected representatives.


If you want to make a difference, this is where you start:

The Firearms Policy Coalition is our grassroots weapon. This organization is able to help intercept the issues on the small scale before they expand to larger problems. Cost to benefit ratio – these guys are our most effective tool.

The next step is stop propagating myths and wives’ tales. Have you attended professional firearms training? No – it is time to start, so you can be an educated voice against ignorance.

Primary & Secondary was founded with the ideals of having educated military, law enforcement, and civilian gun owners. We don’t tolerate wastes of time bickering over emotional attachments. We focus on the facts – proven through science and experience.

Together we can eliminate a lot of wasted time and efforts by getting right to the heart of gun and mindset issues.

Over the next few days we will be releasing articles focusing on the fallacies of the anti-gun arguments.


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