200 Year Old Mechanisms

What we are witnessing is us losing. What we need to understand is: Why have the actions we have been taking failed? What we need to do is stop taking those actions, and implement and execute a new plan.


The old white guys way of doing things is not working, and it has not worked for a long time. The long term plans of communists and socialists IS working, and it has been for a long time. Yet, here I sit, having for a few decades written and spoken about the loss of the youth to those movements, about the loss of our education system to those ideologies, and now the future is here and we are seeing it as our children hit the streets by the thousands in defiance of us, our rules, our laws and our culture. Here I sit watching the leadership of the NRA and conservative groups kowtowing, folding, bending, and blurring our principles because they have no fucking idea what they are doing anymore. Time has rendered their paradigms irrelevant.


You can not battle this movement with a sudden defensive response. You are overwhelmed now. You waited too long. You have sat idly by living a reactionary life, only going into action when you felt an immediate threat, all the while ignoring the enemy infiltrating your mainframe, your social infrastructure, and seizing control of your children which has always been the means to seize control of the future. So many pay lip service to the cliches’ of self-defense, yet you lack the forward thinking preparation and defense of perimeter that is required through discipline and dedication. Now, you’re children are no longer your own.


Anyone who studies the work of Edward Bernays or Walter Lippmann knows that this is not a new or novel idea. This is a science. The science of perception management, the swaying of public opinion and the changing of a nation’s basic tenets without firing a shot. The leadership of the NRA is impotent, and selling us out because they are desperate and can not find their way any longer. The old white guys in Washington are no better. They do not represent us. They have failed to adapt to a changing world, and you have failed along with them.


I understand what you have tried to do. And, in many ways, it is noble. You have remained loyal to the non-aggression principle. You have relied on truth and law to replace your shield and sword. You have adhered to the basic belief that we all have the right to our opinions and that we should not fight unless we are attacked directly. But you failed to see the quiet enemy slithering into your own household. You failed to take serious the attack that was happening before your eyes.


This is not a war that you can fight using the 200 year old mechanisms of the old political process. You will lose. You are losing. The fight is happening in the minds of the people, and your children are being groomed as the highly mobile and useful tools of your opponents. If you want to win this war, you have to become just as cunning, just as crafty, just as deceptive for the greater good as they are. You are on a field of play but you are not adapting to the rules of play, and thus you are losing. Adapt. Grow. Become a movement that appeals to the emotions and needs of coming generations. Your enemy has done that quite brilliantly.


They appeal to emotions. They manipulate statistics to appeal to emotions. They attack the hearts and minds through emotional stimuli. They work to the need for identity, having destroyed traditional culture, they lead the culture-less into the fold of a cause, a sense of belonging where there was none. Righteous principle and rule of law dressed as a powder wigged old white guy will fall flaccid against such momentum. You lack emotion, you lack compassion, you lack a sense of greater good in the minds of today’s young people.


But none of this is true. It’s simply not true. Our tactical community holds the keys to this dilemma. We are inviting, and people of all races and genders and preferences are welcomed on our ranges and in our self-defense circles. We all have friends who are of various ethnicities, both men and women, gay, straight, trans, etc. If you act like a responsible and decent human being, then you are absolutely welcomed into the fold with no reservation. Our numbers include engineers, accountants, social workers, cops, civilians, military, academic teachers. The principles of self-defense, self-reliance and virtuous living are high in our community. We care about people, about our communities, about our country. Most of us will lay down our lives in defense of those things.


Yet you allow the enemy to create a narrative of you in the news that you are racist, homophobic gun toting maniacs with low education. They use their media outlets to promote you as all of the things that you are not. They find the derpiest assholes in the gun world and plaster them all over the news as the representation of who you are. The undisciplined militia types, the completely useless retired military Generals who can’t even hold and shoot a rifle properly, and the plain crazy people that just want to hurt people. They use their millions and millions of dollars that YOU have paid them for their movies and songs against you to poison the minds of your neighbors and your children with lies about you. Your leadership, the flaccid old white guys, have collected your millions of dollars in support while failing to adapt and respond to this because they are incapable of it.


It’s time to play the long game, folks. This is it. You are behind the curve and it may be too late for the foreseeable future. But it will be too late forever if you don’t get it together NOW. Study Bernays and Lippmann and Galula. Begin infiltration operations into the leadership of your organizations, your political parties, your community’s law enforcement agencies, and your schools. For the love of everything that is good, seize back control of our youth through our education system. And if you can’t do that, tear down that failed education system and replace it (it doesn’t prepare our youth for real life anyway, it only produces mere debt-enslaved voters).


Simply arguing on principle and rule of law is getting you cut down in the trenches. You are losing. Stop losing. Change your tactics. Adopt the tactics of the enemy. Adapt to the rules of the war you are in, not the one you think you should be in. Your arguments are tired: the second amendment, self-defense, semi-auto vs full auto definitions, arming teachers who are not equipped to fight in their minds…you are losing with these positions. Prayer is not coming back to schools, and in case you haven’t noticed no one cares that your right is in the Bill of Rights. You are not seizing the hearts and minds of the people and of the youth. Stop persisting with positions that lose. Adapt.


This is a war for hearts and minds. It is not a war for logical assertions, 200 year old laws and self-righteous principles. Make of yourself an appealing movement, offer kindness and strength, compassion and boundaries, inclusiveness and professionalism, emotional fulfillment and quiet resolve. There must be a balance. We are awesome people, the fabric of this nation. We are not hateful, racist, or exclusive. Now is the time to infiltrate. Now is the time to begin coups that will take a long time to see to fruition. What you are doing now, what your leadership is doing, is losing. Face that fact, and correct your course, or die. The choice is yours, and it is now.


Reading list:
Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
Counter-Insurgency Warfare by David Galula


-name withheld


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  • This is what it’s about; women and minorities are the future of the firearms community. We don’t have any trouble bringing in white, male conservatives, and we don’t need to defend them.

    I say we all make a list of some small, actual changes that can be made; I’m not talking about contributing to the NRA or any of the old methods. I’m talking about supporting female and minority shooting groups (I pay dues to the National African American Gun Owners Association, and I’m not black), dressing casually instead of “tactically” or just trying your best to come off as an ambassador for the community.

    I made a post in the forum about Mia Wood and Mike Pannone taking training to a new level; it might be out of the ordinary, but we gotta soften our responses and CHANGE our demeanors to meet the demands of the community around us.

    This might sound weird, but I’m starting to try to view anti-gunners like I would my own child; if they say something with conviction but are genuinely ignorant, do I try to scream, yell and change their mind with arguments they won’t understand? No, I think about how much I care about them and think about the best way I can teach them in the least hostile way possible. We are dying on our feet because we can’t outwardly show that we are welcome hosts who genuinely care about the wellbeing of outsiders.

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