2nd Amendment, Facts, & Social Media

We complain about liberal inaccuracies with firearms. Anti-gun agendas are using made up statistics and facts to scare people who don’t know better.

Much of today’s pro-gun community on social media is also having issues with the truth. Too much rumor and inaccurate info is being spread as fact. The inaccuracies self perpetuate among groups because not enough people stand up for the truth. When people do stand up for the truth they are harassed and ostracized for having different ideas from common beliefs which also happen to be straight up wrong.

If we want to defend the 2nd amendment and stand up for our rights we need to be on the same page. Spreading wrong info as fact misleads and weakens our position. Social media is a means of providing unchecked opinions with most being fueled by emotional attachments, not rational thought. Through social media, the loudest and most obnoxious seem to control the direction of the information flow. A great majority of those loud obnoxious people are also clueless about firearms, tactics, mindset, and training.

Your airsoft grade optics on a bargain bin rifle might run great when you bench rest shoot half of a magazine yearly, but please don’t recommend it to others as a viable option if it could ever possibly be pressed into a defensive role to protect yourself or others – don’t even endorse it unless people are looking for range toys.

There are three types of people on social media: contributors, readers, and detractors. Please research before you post on social media. Use real world experience and results as replies- not speculations. Don’t be a detractor and bring the overall intelligence of our efforts down.

The same frustration that many feel with the media when uneducated statements about firearms are broadcast is the same frustration many experienced subject matter experts when amateurs firearms enthusiasts espouse their limited perspective as gospel. Your .45 ACP Croatian HS2000 clone with G2 R.I.P. ammo in the magazine that resides in your favorite Serpa paddle holster is not a good personal preference to have for self defense or the defense of others.

Seek out the expert opinions that can be backed up by first hand experience as well as scientific evidence. Learn about the modern advances in bullet technology and understand a little bit about terminal performance.

Understand the capabilities and limitations of your equipment and keep an open mind when your opinions are challenged. Ask questions, demand proof, set aside emotional attachment, and seek out new and better sources of information.

This takes work and effort, but it is worth it. Otherwise, we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

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