How to Win Friends and Influence Social Media


There have been interesting patterns to follow on social media which are guiding some direction of popular culture. He who controls the the lowest common denominator (those who have no reading comprehension, those who apply their own narratives to the title of a video or article but don’t read or watch the content, and those who do not have the ability to use critical thinking) controls popular thought. That popular thought does not have to be remotely true either to gain traction and affect others.

Current example- Colt Firearms has put commercial sales on the back burner to focus on a 42 million dollar government contract. This makes sense- it is a business decision. Commercial sales have not been the best for them with great companies like BCM, Sionics, and SOLGW producing solid and affordable commercial options. Yet, there are some actors that have created outrage about this by planting seeds of mistrust.

This is like creating outrage because McDonald’s has ended the availability of the McRib (but we know it’s coming back). It was originally canceled in the ’80’s because of poor sales- a logical business decision.

Who remembers the outrage about “NRA Darkweb Operatives” from the beginning of this year? There were two camps on that- those that ate it up by contributing money via Patreon and solidified their following to the three entities that reported the silliness and then those that laughed at it because it was so ridiculous.

People are seriously being played and are being lured in by manufactured outrage – there is no underhanded betrayal going on other than the people attempting to make money by being puppetmasters over you.


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