Professionalism In Posting Within Social Media

Unless this is your first encounter with Primary & Secondary, you’ll have more than likely noticed mention of ‘dis-information’ in today’s world of social media. In similar fashion has been a ‘Lack of details’ in posts as well as responding comments. The end result, more often than not, is a very to the point and informative comment thread muddied with more questions.

The goal of this article is to provide a ‘guideline’ to better posting. Being vague provides little direction and subsequently leave readers either speculating or asking unnecessary questions. This particular post got very little response due to the lack of direction the poster gave. These types of posts usually end up being a runaway train of overwhelming and widely varying opinions with little usable or quality advice.




Here is a comment response making recommendations based off of feelings rather than specifics such as degree of use, time frame of the round count, etc. This is not very helpful in gauging whether a brand is up to the task of serious possibly lifesaving use.




Being as specific as possible is not only easier to follow, but gives a clearly defined direction for the post to go immediately eliminating irrelevant recommendations. Pictures are also a plus when applicable to help complete the direction of the post!




Here is an example of a very informative magazine review including the type of class they were run through (DARC needs no further description right?)




A few considerations that will add additional value to posts include:

  • Time with product/technique
  • Type of use – Is this for work, training, casual? (This needs to be included with round counts for firearm reviews!)
  • Comparison to other similar products or techniques you have used
  • Include issues experienced if applicable. How was the customer service if applicable
  • For holsters or body specific topics include info such as height, waist size, weight (Helps the reader gauge if your input could be applicable to them)

Ever notice duplicate comments by multiple users? Professionalism in posting also involves reading through the previous comments before adding to the conversation! If someone has beaten you to the chase a simple “Like” or reply to their comment if you have something to add let’s readers know that you’ve had a similar experience.

Above all, the very first thing that should be done when joining a group new to you is to read the pinned post and give it a like to acknowledge it! This is where the rules and guidelines of the page are usually placed. Incorporate some of these considerations into your posts and not only will the page moderators appreciate it, other readers will as well.

-Phil Combs


These guidelines are universal and work outside the boundaries of P&S.



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