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200 Year Old Mechanisms

What we are witnessing is us losing. What we need to understand is: Why have the actions we have been taking failed? What we need to do is stop taking those actions, and implement and execute a new plan.   The old white guys way of doing things is not working, and it has not… read more »

Eating Our Own

As I sit to write this the greater gun community is again up in arms over statements made in a video on a so-called news program. A 22 year Special Operations veteran and was recently portrayed as favoring  universal background checks and waiting periods for firearms purchases. There is also an uproar over comments made… read more »

Real Threats To Our 2nd Amendment

We don’t do political posts on Primary & Secondary. In case anyone wonders, we are extremely Pro 2nd Amendment. A majority of the staff are current or former Military and Law Enforcement. Of those staff members who did not serve in an official capacity, they serve our communities with helping, educating, and being examples of… read more »