Carrying Light With Firearms

This is an older picture and some EDC items have changed but the concept remains a constant.

There seems to be a misconception that a weapon mounted light is mandatory for edc. I do require them on my in-uniform duty weapons, but there is a difference in tasks and expectations between an on duty police officer and edc person running errands. The mandatory part is carrying artificial light. A handheld provides far more utility than a wml – but it does require a degree more of proficiency with your weapon to use compared to using a wml.

A handheld allows shining directly on a potential threat without putting your muzzle on it. Handhelds additionally allow the use of some more advanced techniques that just aren’t practical with a wml. Again- pointing a weaponlight at something or someone is also pointing the gun at them. Despite what the internet says, pointing guns at unknowns is normally not a good idea.

I’m not saying don’t use a wml, if you do- make sure you also have a handheld. Additionally, training is very much needed if you want to use a weapon mounted light. There are concepts people naturally do not seem to figure out for some reason that training can address. Putting a light on a gun needs a little more deliberate control.

(Yes there is no medical pictured, this post is focusing on the concept of lights)


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