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Five on Friday – 14July2017

[caption id="attachment_5088" align="alignnone" width="367"]1 Photo Credit -[/caption] Happy Friday, everybody.       New Dry Dock Photos Show Extent of Hidden USS Fitzgerald Damage Doctrine, and Why TRADOC is a Euphemism for Bad Training Patrick Van Horne (Author of Left of Bang) Discusses Situational Awareness Dramatic


External Ballistics Part II

  For Walkthrough Wednesday, we are continuing our discussion on External Ballistics. Understanding External Ballistics will allow us to engage targets better at varying distances by knowing where it is in relation to our line of sight or more commonly, our point of aim. When dealing with external ballistics there


Fossil Friday: The ALT-C Qualification

For Friday, were going to discuss a new topic: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that are obsolete or fossilized. This week’s Fossil Friday topic is the 25 meter scaled target qualification, or ALT-C. References for this discussion are TC 3-22.9, change 1 dated January 2017, and the Draft Integrated Weapons Training


The M68 Close Combat Optic

For Tactics, Techniques and Procedures Thursday, we are continuing our discussion on optics. Specifically, we will be discussing the M68 Close Combat Optic, or CCO. The reference for this is TM 9-1240-413-13P dated may 2013, and TC 3-22.9, Change 1 dated January 2017 The close combat optic (CCO), M68 is


Five on Friday – 16June2017

Photo Cred: DARC Instagram Happy Friday, everyone. Police Officers Face Cumulative PTSD Earlier this week, multiple sources were claiming that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed in a Syrian air strike.  Now multiple sources are again reporting that al-Baghdadi met his demise at the hands of a Russian air


Retrograde and Lateral Movement

For Manual Monday, we are continuing our discussion on Movement. Specifically, we will addressing Retrograde movement according to doctrine. Our reference for this discussion is TC 3-22.9 Change 1, dated January 2017. As mentioned last week, there are four major categories of movement according to doctrine. Forward, Retrograde, Lateral, and


Five on Friday – 9June2017

Photo Credit - DARC Instagram Welcome to this weeks Five on Friday.  From new product announcements to some commentary on a North Korea EMP Attack, this weeks Five on Friday has something for everyone.  Unless you don't know how to read, then in that case, we have nothing for


Dealing with Media for Firearms Instructors

They Already Have Their Conclusion For more than ten years, I’ve been in leadership of the most effective gun rights organization in the country.  For eight of those, I’ve been its President.  During my tenure, my organization has shepherded into law 15 pro gun bills that we authored or supported.  I say


Units of Angular Measurement for Optics

For Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Thursday, we are continuing our discussion from last week about optics. Specifically, we are discussing how do we know if our projectile is going to hit a target at a certain distance? What is a way for a Paratrooper to know how accurate their weapon


A discussion on sighting systems

For Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Thursday, we will be discussing one of the primary tenants of weapons Mastery: understanding the optics and iron sights for the weapons. The reference for this discussion is the draft division standard Preliminary Marksmanship Instruction and Evaluation presentation. To begin with, we must discuss the