Ban Sports Cars


The government’s role is not to babysit, manage, or rule our lives. The minute they put themselves in a class above the citizenry, they no longer were seeking what is best for the people- they don’t represent us. They are supposed to represent the people, not tell the people what they think is best according to their unrealistic views of the people.

No matter the facade they present, they want subjects, not equals. Putting restrictions on things they do not understand, even to the point they present concepts they share as new which have already been in place or are simply frivolous, shows how out of touch with the people they are.

All gun laws are an infringement. Let’s have people who actually understand the issues discuss them, not people using speculation and who are clueless, armchair quarterback the solution.

Biden’s gun control plans do not address the issues and instead are just another measure to make citizens, subjects. It is easy to place blame on inanimate objects and not recognize the issues fall on actual people (criminals) who have no regard for others or law. Stop trying to punish the law abiding. It is easy to pull the wool over people’s eyes and say these actions are for the good of the people. If there are DUIs, do we restrict all citizens’ ability to own sports cars? Ban all cars?

Matt Landfair
Lead Editor/Contributor at Primary & Secondary
Active Law Enforcement background since before the turn of the century in the middle of no where. Firearms instructor, armorer, has attended numerous training courses including DARC, Follow Through Consulting, EAG, TMacs, and more boring mandatory popo training you can shake a stick at. Has died a million deaths by powerpoint. He has written for RECOIL Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, Soldier Systems Daily and Monderno. Enjoys long walks on the beach, blah blah blah… Known as Matt Prime or Riafdnal in some circles.
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