Fight the Narrative

Misinformation is easily spread about people who are concerned about rights- gun rights especially. The opposition to these rights can say about anything they want because they control the narrative. They can make up outlandish stories to paint progun people as violent zealots. There are no repercussions to it.

I don’t know anyone who participated in the events in DC. I don’t know anyone who wants an armed insurrection. I don’t know anyone participating in these 50 state protests. It seems most find it uncomfortable to even speak up, they believe it may disrupt their lifestyle, they are lazy, or they are cowards to take positive action to merely speak up. This is one of the reasons we are in the situation we are in- people are unwilling to publicly share their views, their support for organizations, and their thoughts about rights. People are afraid of putting their foot down and standing for something. The opposition sure has no qualms with letting everyone know their position. We need more people speaking up to make our position normalized. Be like the vegan/crossfit/atheist about your rights and let everyone know!

It is silly to have found ourselves in the position we are currently in and ask “What happened? We had so much support. How can we be losing?” It’s because people can’t be bothered to put forth an effort to be heard. People can’t be bothered to think about factors outside the bubble of their existence which are crushing that bubble.

Violence is not the answer. Showing force is not the answer. Speaking up is the answer. Publicly sharing your beliefs about our rights is the answer. Publicly supporting organizations like Firearms Policy Coalition is the answer.

The longer you wait, the less options you will have. If you can’t or won’t speak up, at least share this post.


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