P&S ModCast 16-1 The Unstoppable Jared Reston


Primary & Secondary ModCast 16-1
Speaking with Jared Reston about the incident he was involved in on 01/26/2008.
Things to consider:
Why did he initially contact the suspect?
What was his initial choice of weapon?
Did Jared know the suspect was armed?
How many shots were fired from both sides?
How much time passed during the incident?
What caliber was Jared hit by?
How many times was he shot?
Where was he shot?
How has physical training assisted in his recovery?
Your argument for .45 ACP is invalid.


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  • […] There is also benefit in reviewing prior cases so that novices can be exposed to the expert’s decision making process during previous encounters. While this takes many forms in medical education, for our studies here at the blog, perhaps we can learn from those that have actually been involved in violent encounters.  For instance, if you carry a gun and you’ve never listened to Jared Reston speak about his multiple gunfights, you’re missing out. He has been interviewed twice on Ballistic Radio (find those episodes here and here) and has also been featured on the Primary & Secondary ModCast. […]

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