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AAR – Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Instructor with William Petty

Class: Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB) Instructor Instructor: William Petty Location: 88 Tactical Lodge Tekamah, Nebraska March 29th to April 1st, 2016 *Most of the photos are from Mellor Photography and were provided to students for personal use*   Disclaimer: First off, to ensure everything is on the up and up, I received a compensated slot to attend this class. Second, I paid out of pocket for my airfare, rental car and ammunition to attend.   What is VCQB? It is the name of the curriculum that has stuck. It is close quarter’s engagements around vehicles – hence Vehicle Close Quarters Battle. Generally the term CQB has been applied to fighting inside a house, but Petty had to come up with a name and this is what he came up with. The program is specifically focused on Law Enforcement use. That said, if your life takes you around vehicles, you could apply some of the lessons learned.   Due to weather affecting my cross-country travel, I missed out on the morning and first half of the afternoon on training day one. As such I was unable to learn much about Petty’s BIO other than what he has posted on the


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P&S ModCast 21-1 Paul Gardner, USMC

https://youtu.be/em2GcmxeRHY Primary & Secondary ModCast Speaking with Paul Gardner (0311 USMC) about the 2003 gunfight in Iraq that left him paralyzed. http://www.warriorbenefit.org/ Things to consider: Was his reload causing an issue? Was his magazine orientation in the pouch creating an issue? Did his body position cause unneeded danger? How did he describe his hit on the second engagement? Why did he describe it that way? Could aimed fire have changed the outcome? How could trained buddy aid have helped the situation? Could additional firearms training outside what was provided have changed the outcome?
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P&S ModCast 16-1 The Unstoppable Jared Reston

Primary & Secondary ModCast 16-1   Speaking with Jared Reston about the incident he was involved in on 01/26/2008. http://www.restongrouptraining.com/   Things to consider: Why did he initially contact the suspect? What was his initial choice of weapon? Did Jared know the suspect was armed? How many shots were fired from both sides? How much time passed during the incident? What caliber was Jared hit by? How many times was he shot? Where was he shot? How has physical training assisted in his recovery?   Your argument for .45 ACP is invalid.
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Ihor Balaban

A year ago today we lost a great man, Ihor Balaban. This video is recorded from his prospective while training at DARC in October 2013. If you listen, you can hear his muffled voice under his gasmask. We are using this video as the intro for some if our more serious podcasts. RIP https://youtu.be/UoDfBWli_I4
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P&S ModCast: 1-1 Instructors & Institutional Inertia

ModCast! Knowledge Bombs were dropped, many egos will be hurt. This was recorded on 02/15/16 and edited from 4 hours and 40 minutes of footage. Two more videos will be published from this night. The format was casual chat with some questions from viewers. https://youtu.be/Cm7AFb_ZoAI  
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