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I'm Ben. Non MIL/LE. Industrial Designer for Beretta USA's R&D team, based in TN (art school, not engineering school). Enjoy training, shooting USPSA, and listening to folks who know better than I do to learn both for fun and to be better at the job. Working on getting certified in stuff I think someone in my role should be competent in (RSO & instruction, first aid and TCCC/AC, and anything else y'all can suggest). Also exploring whiskey/bourbon/ryes, but that's just for me since I live in the heart of bourbon country now.

Let me know if you want expanded sections to cover Beretta.
Hey, I am David and a refugee from The Pond and The Family. I did 8 years in the Army and recently, when talking classes with WPS last August, found out that the Army didn't teach me crap about shooting. I am hoping to take some additional classes this year with MDFI in Michigan this year. I am also working to lose some substantial weight that I have gained in the last 5 years that I have been out of the Army.


Mike, US Navy Seabee for 23 years before retiring 8 years ago, line coach and small arms instructor while in, did the OIF/ OEF deployments. Starting up secruity team for my church. Started following Matt / P&S a few months ago, and now Jon and Sarah.
Chris, a Former Action Guy (recently retired SF NCO/18D after 20 years, mostly in 5th SFG) who now does some contracted consulting for DoD and works as an instructor for Citizens Defense Research. Other than teaching good folks to become more formidable, I try to spend as much time as possible with my kids and making up for lost time with my wife. So I teach some, travel a little, play Mr. Mom a lot and love it, and in my free time try to keep the wheels from falling off my hard/soft skills and fitness.
Craig, just a gun shop owner and manager. Been listening to the podcast for a few years now and I’m always very excited when a new one is posted. I am a recent refugee from a few of the Facebook groups that went down as well.

I have been in the firearms industry for about ten years working behind a gun counter and doing basic to mid level armorers work as well. Avid hunter and weekend warrior at local steel matches. I like bourbon and scotch, and collect military surplus and oddball firearms.


Jacob, did 3 years infantry got out last year took a trip to Syria in 2018 great shawarma but other then that nothing to write home about. Now I’m using that sweet gi bill and also very recently started working at a well known 2011 manufacture in central Texas (low level entry position not a gunsmith or in sales or anything like that). Love guns and gear all that stuff hoping to get into some classes and training this year to keep improving/expanding knowledge.

also avid consumer of Chuck Pressburg clips and rants


Kyle, Marine Vet and current college student. Believe in training is just as important as a civillian. Love learning more about CC, Competitive shooting, general defense, medical, among others. I love video games as well.


Will here, civilian, non-mil/leo. Been having P&S withdrawals since I got hacked/locked out of FB a few months ago. Been listening to podcasts and learning from them and the FB for a little while now. Your knowledge and input has caused me to make a significant changes in the tools/gear, with an emphasis on quality over quantity.

Saw info on this forum from that dude over at JBS!

Glad to have this option to re-engage, thanks Matt!


Greetings. I’m an Army Infantry vet and a retired police Lieutenant. Spent years on the tac unit and served as a DM. TCOLE firearms instructor, patrol rifle instructor, MRDS instructor, Simunitions instructor, Less Lethal Impact Munitions instructor and a former NRA pistol, rifle and personal protection instructor. Currently, I do adjunct instruction for a few local training groups. I’m a gun guy and will stand for our 2A rights. I’m here to continue the learning process and engage with y’all.

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Sean, non-MIL/LEO but weighing the option of also entering the LE field, currently a college student studying mechanical engineering & criminal justice. I have been following P&S for some time on other platforms. Gained a wealth of knowledge from the community across the various platforms and looking to continue learning more and hopefully contributing some value to the community.


Dan, served in the Navy from 1982 - 1986. Enjoy Bow Hunting, Fishing and collecting firearms (especially custom 1911's & 2011/2019 platforms) Very much Pro 2A. Looking forward to learning things while I'm here


Hello, I'm Josh, prior Army but have been out so long most of what they thought is no longer taught. I enjoy training, firearms, amateur gunsmithing, trying not to bubba stuff up, and cars. Always trying to learn, and help pass on information.
Dan, former IL Army National Guard 12B. I started shooting pistol competitions as a police explorer, and spent a summer on the IL Guard state marksmanship team. Until last night I ran "Church of the /k/ube, a gun meme page on Facebook. I also do part time work for one of my local gun shops. I throughly enjoying shooting and tinkering.

I'm here to have a good a time and learn.


RJ, just a regular type dude who has lived enough that I recognize the need to have the ability to defend yourself and yours. Appreciate all of the info offered on the network and would rather be here than FB honestly.

The last few years I’ve ramped up the training that I feel is most applicable to me - primarily FoF and CQB at Alliance with Varg Freeborn and Forge Tactical.
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