Introductions Part 2

I'm James, a long-time lurker from LF (same user name there), and it appears that I neglected to post my intro when I signed up here. I'm a retired Senior Emergency Management Specialist with a Federal agency (not FEMA). I was engaged in a lot of special projects and "other duties as assigned" over the years. Pat Rogers described me as exactly the sort of "ordinary earth people" who he hoped to reach. Living in Virginia, I'm currently evolving viable concepts and TTEs for being a lawfully armed citizen.
Non Mil/LE. Been lurking for a long time decided to finally start posting. Obviously interested in firearms and all the related categories. Enjoy nerding out over guns and gear. Trying to add in the training and experience this past year as well as be a bit more active in the community.
Hi guys, my name's Romain (don't bother trying to pronounce this, FYI it's the French for Roman). I'm from France too, civilian. I first heard about P&S modcasts on InRange TV. I'm interested in firearms, tactics, survivalism, video games, working out and a bunch of non-gun related other things.
Adam, came here at the suggestion of Roger Wang from FCD. I also follow both Ash Hess and Jason Seehafer on FB. Former 11 bang from MANG, retired 92A from the regular Army. Proud born again civilian. Avid shooter but I know who I am and where I come from so I pretty much stay in my lane and avoid drama, especially from the insufferable types.

Am going to my first real carbine course outside of the mil at Gunsite this coming summer. I can't wait.
I'm Ben. Non MIL/LE. Industrial Designer for Beretta USA's R&D team, based in TN (art school, not engineering school). Enjoy training, shooting USPSA, and listening to folks who know better than I do to learn both for fun and to be better at the job. Working on getting certified in stuff I think someone in my role should be competent in (RSO & instruction, first aid and TCCC/AC, and anything else y'all can suggest). Also exploring whiskey/bourbon/ryes, but that's just for me since I live in the heart of bourbon country now.