Introductions Part 2

Damien, Hk usp pistol armorer, Hk nerd, out of practice martial artist,longtime bartender transitioning to armorer work and gunsmithing education. Starved for good training here in seattle so finding this group has been invaluable. Thanks Matt and all of the contribution from the other mods. Here to learn and share any knowledge i have that is applicable.....even if its just good cocktail and booze onfo.
Bobby Cundiff (Cee), Chicagoland

No one special, just enjoy learning and sharing as well as participating in forums! Been lurking around here and watching your Mod casts for a long while now! Figured it was time to jump in!
Nick Hale
Perryton, Tx

10years as LEO, still a deputy. 3 years ago decided to open a 07/02 manufacturer, Apocalyptic Fabrication. I hired a gunsmith with 26 years of experience. We build machine guns, custom rifles, and are a regular gun store.

Since finding out about Sotar we now guage every AR15 we build!
Some semblence/mixture of Rescue, Firefighting, and EMS since 2008
Spent some time working for myself as an FFL and as a CWP instructor between 2012 and 2014.
Trying to get back into shape physically and skill wise.

In the spirit of this forum and the overwhelming majority of members, I'm a nobody who hasn't done anything. I've not been there, I've not done that.

I work in the environmental field.

Just a middle-aged suburban dad who wants to protect himself and his family.

I enjoy following the P&S FB page and the interaction there as well as the Podcast.

Hoping to continue my learning and interaction here, too.
Name here is Eric.
NOT mil or LEO.
Former Fire fighter, I still volunteer @ the local sheriff's dept. (limited)
Like shooting anything that goes bang, and dogs.
Married with a 13 yo daughter.
Disabled, (degenerative disc disease)
I am still able to walk. Some days more than others.
Hello all, Eli here.
Prior Marine Corps combat engineer, overseas contractor, domestic security, and a little time in the federal side. Currently working as a supervisor and training lead for teams on high risk/low income housing developments in my area. Been carrying professionally for almost 9 years now.

Also co founder of Garrison Concepts, use of force, med and other training out of both East and West WA. I personally teach de-escalation, less lethal, Stop The Bleed classes, and have more courses in the works in the next few months, namely more med and instructor courses.

Long range shooting as a hobby and I help run The Pocket Medic on Facebook, working on developing an IFAK design that I feel is going to change the game.


Quantified Performance
Yegshmash. My name Ben.
Currently employed as business strategy analyst, but would like to get into the small arms industry. Planning on taking some armorers courses in the very near future. Spent 4 years in Israel Defense Forces in an ISTAR unit, it was during those 4 years I fell head over heels with the M110.
I enjoy quality things such as but not limited to: bourbon, watches, red meat, reading,4WD, basketball, Tae Kwan Do, building models and COFFEE.

Hi ya’ll,

I’m just an average enthusiast. Been plinking for years here in the over-regulated hell hole that is California (I’m far north of Sac). I stopped for a while and recently got back into it and have been taking it as seriously as my budget will allow.

I found and joined this forum thanks to SOTAR on FB...stepping away from FB. This looks like a great forum and I can’t wait to dig in! Thanks!
Another book of faces transplant from the SOTAR page.

I am a .gov civilian engineer. Been shooting since Cub Scouts. . .now Im 34.
I am more or a practical shooter than a collector.