Introductions Part 2

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Not new to the forum but I've been away for a long time. I've gone from a case manager in a homeless shelter to now working for the parks and rec department in my town, Driving a zamboni and mowing lawns. Basically an island vacation every day by comparison. Other than that I love training as much as possible and pushing my skills. Im happy to be back and Looking forward to some good discussion.
Kody, 4 year Marine Corps veteran 1345 heavy equipment operator 2010-2014, current DoD employee. Just a regular guy that likes guns and gear and their applications. Looking forward to taking some pistol classes this year.


Hey everyone, name is Chris. Non-mil, non-LE, professional engineer. Always enjoyed guns thanks to my Dad, now I really nerd out and love to build them. Spent my 20's doing things like BASE jumping, flying wingsuits, DH mountain bike racing, steep creek whitewater kayaking, bill wall rock climbing, and backcounty hiking and skiing.


Hello, name is Josh, followed SOTAR over from FB. I live and work in Alaska as an engineer. Guns have been an interest of mine since a young age, and I look forward to continuing my informal education here, and getting to know all of you fine folks.


Hey folks. Thought I had done an intro, but apparently not. I found P&S through SOTAR. I'm a professional strength coach and Minister of Propaganda for the Starting Strength organization.
Really enjoy the content and have learned a ton.


Hi I'm Alex. I'm the owner of Trajectory Arms. P&S is a big contributing factor behind why and how I do what I do but I havent spent a lot of time on the forums. Since I'm sure I'm on borrowed time on social media it's probably time to be more involved here and I'm excited to help build the community here.


Dat here. Regular dude who seeks enlightenment on all things. Training junkie who strives to be a better human being and the best defender I can be. Thanks to P&S that has helped me find the way in the past years.
I'm Joey and sadly shocked that I've not known about this forum until now. I've been into firearms my whole life, didn't get into the gun industry until 2007. I'm normally on the quieter side of things, but now run the Warranty Dept at PWS.


Ray, 22 years active/reserve Marine Corps. Live in Reno, NV. I love nice guns, and shooting them. Getting sick of FB, got put in "time out" because I was helping members find an HK. Look forward to learning from the community!
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