Introductions Part 2

Jeremy, Civ contractor, govt/infrastructure. Interests are long range precision, training and shooting, anything with mechanical parts, fast cars, video games. Tired of derp, here to absorb and seek help.
Chad. civilian, but come from a LEO family. Been shooting for year but just started taking my training seriously in the last 2 years. Started shooting competitively in November with my first 2 gun match. Have got a lot of great information from the mod cast's
Elliott from Kansas. No former mil or leo experience. Hoping to get onto my local PD in 2017, this will be my 2nd try. Avid reader, shooter and a perpetual student. Heard about this on a podcast. Just here to learn.
Hey guys, name is Kyle. I am a combat veteran and currently a LE Detective. I recently tested and was selected to join a tactical team. I enjoy becoming a better version of me, to include learning, fitness and shooting. I read a lot more than I post. I look forward to learning from you all and contributing where I can in my lane.
I am also Kyle. Did 4 in the Army, deployed OIF 10-11. ETS right after my deployment. I now work in private security but I want to work my way in to LE. I shoot as much as funds allow.

Interests fall in to martial arts and pistol usage.

Joe _K

Joe, 5 years former Infantry/Security Forces/CQB Team Member Marine, Former Firearms Range Operations Manager, RSO, and Instructor. Currently working as a contracted guard for Dept. Of State. Full time Criminal Justice Student, Husband and Father of two.
Subbed on YouTube, AR-15 and Glock Freak, on M4C, COAR-15, and LightFighter forum. Always learning and trying to keep my mouth shut and listen.

Velocitas, Opprimere,
Violentia Operandi