Introductions Part 2

Steve, 27 year LEO. USMCR 1988-1994 as a 1142( Electrical Equipment Repairman). State Agency from 1990-2013, last 14 years of that as a K9 Handler in the Criminal Interdiction Unit. 2014-current Deputy Sheriff, recently promoted to Sgt. Avid reloader, shooter. Collect old firearms.
Leo since 2009. Stayed mostly in patrol. Been an FTO since 2015. I've also been an instructor doing mostly civilian firearms courses with Condition-1 since 2010. I met this tall multicam covered dude on a swamp island in Arkansas some years back who seems pretty active around here. Told me to join.
I'm a career Firefighter/EMT with a little over a year on the job, starting paramedic school in either the summer or fall. I'm an avid shooter, backpacker and gym rat.

I enjoy discussing some of the finer things in life such as guns, gear, firefighting and emergency medicine, their practical application, red meat, strength and conditioning, coffee, backpacking, bad ass women, Mac and cheese as well as many other riveting topics and worldly shit.

I'm here to learn. I found this place by accident on another good forum. I see a lot of familiar names on here from before m4c turned to garbage.

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I'm Tim. 50 years old, non-military (my Dad was Navy during the Cuban missile crisis, my baby brother is currently a Lt. Col in the Army), non-LEO. I'm just an old, uneducated, backwoods redneck from Vermontville, MI who ended up in Detroit.
I work in General Motors Advanced Engineering, and get to play with the engines that will be on the road in 5 to 10 years.
I started shooting when I was 5, have been behind a rifle or pistol ever since. I do a bit of amateur gunsmithing and love to teach new shooters.

I'm smart enough to know that most of what I know ain't so, so I wandered over here hoping to learn a bit, possibly share a few experiences with young/new shooters, and maybe make a few friends.

I am not tacticool, not hip, not an expert, and haven't stayed in a Holiday Inn. I can shoot a bit, but I'm not the best guy on the range, nor the worst. I learned to shoot whatever was in my hands, and dinner often had bullet holes in it.

I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 30 years, have a 20 year old daughter in Nursing School, tend to be politically incorrect, and used to do stand up comedy.

Thank you for allowing me to join the group! It is a privilege to be here.
Been around firearms for most of my life ( all 25 of them), started shooting more when I turned 21 and got my CCW. Taken a few local classes and began competing in IDPA and USPSA for about 4 years now. Next month I will be one year in being a part-time patrol Officer in a comically small jurisdiction (Population 350).

Found P&S through pistol forum/modcasts on youtube about a month ago. Already learned a ton of stuff from you guys, and I hope to keep learning more.
Jason here.

Civilian enthusiast of freedom and all it entails (religion, guns, food & drink, cars, etc... in that order).

Though I'm not .mil or LEO, I am honored to get to do my small part to support the warfighter every day. My work interests are the areas of Reliability Availability & Maintainability (RAM) Engineering, Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), failure analysis, data collection, and statistical analysis.

Shooting since I was 7, have shot IDPA and some F-Class.

I'm here to learn and thankful for the opportunity.


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Gavin, just a ccw holder who wants to learn as much as I can. Working on my EMT and have a bit of SAR experience. Not .mil or LEO, although working on changing that soon. Thanks for facilitating the learning, need more of this in the world.


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Zach, proud father of two, non-mil/non-LEO, current desktop commando for an oil and gas company. I've been shooting seriously for about a year with goals to improve in defensive/offensive/real world prep/practical use style of shooting, training, and equipment. I have a thirst for knowledge and an addictive personality for always trying to improve. A guy on facebook sent me a message pointing me to P&S with the words "Get ready" and I swallowed the hook. Here to learn and see how far the rabbit hole goes, but still ain't found the bottom.
Guess I should go ahead and do one of these...Long time lurker/reader/listener... 15 years LE experience, including 4 years USMC MP. Worked patrol, investigations, USMS Task Force, been in K9 Unit the last 4. Still don't have anything figured out, trying to figure out what I'm gonna be when I grow up... Here to learn/grow.
Started me LE career back in 2014, travelled, met a lot of great guys doing it already. Currently enjoying patrol.

I'm an active dude, I like jumping out and talking with people, like getting involved in shit, I learn best that way.

No prior Mil, if I did it all over again, I think being a coastie would be cool. That being said, I was a huge pro 2nd amdt. guy before being sworn and still am.

I just built a roland special and I'm ready to take my shooting up a nothing in 2017.

I've been on the FB group for a little while and decided to join here.
LE - Come from a Training Background (Less Lethal and Firearms mainly). Love to learn/train, camp, hunt, shoot, and spend time with the Family.
Hey guys,

Wayne Dobbs here. Retired LEO from the Dallas area (25 years); firearms trainer - 36 years; currently employed by Colt's as an armorer instructor (M4/1911) and co-owner of Hardwired Tactical Shooting (HiTS) in Dallas. Glad to be here and hope to enjoy the exchange of professional level information.
Austin, civilian that spends a lot of time training and shooting. Transitioned from podcast, to fb, now this and love all I'm learning. I enjoy pistol shooting or running drills but my passion is long range precision, even though it get more expensive the deeper I get. Look forward to learning more