Introductions Part 2

Tommy. Full-time student, Health and Human Physiology. I work part time as an EMT. Hope to be going to Physician Assistant school soon. I'm here to pick up some knowledge to help further my training in firearms, medicine, combatives and the like so I can better protect my family. Been a long-time listener of the podcast and love the content here.
Hello, Lpratt here. I am just a guy who trains to protect my family and self and I also just enjoy shooting. I grew up with hunting rifles and 22s but did not start training seriously until working with a former army SF guy a few years ago who got me into shooting. Currently I am a CCW permit holder and I'm here at p&s for the immense amount of knowledge and experience that is held collectively. I'll contribute if I can but will probably read and ask questions more than anything. Thanks!
Dakota, OEF 12-13 vet, served 4.5 years before being medically discharged. I'm here to learn from actual professionals and SMEs instead of Facebook tards. I'm a carbine and handgun enthusiast, I love video games, and I'm currently trying to get into the firearms industry.
SK13R here. Civilian in Montana. Long time interest in firearms, defensive / action matches, hunting etc. Mechanical Engineer. Introduced to P&S by a good friend. Really enjoy the no BS, fact based approach to this network.
Rick, former military current LE. Found this site while researching Roland Special after seeing one wielded by the Modern Samurai Project guy (sorry, don't recall your name, and congrats on the FAST coin again!) at a Langdon Tactical course. Just hoping to suck a little less next week than this week.
Hello, Harry. Mil/LE in the southwest. Always looking to learn more, and P&S consistently challenges the industry in ways I like. Long time lurker/listener.

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Andrew from Ohio. Going on 3 years LEO. On our multi agency swat team. Also currently in the army reserves. I read more then I post. I love listening to the podcasts and watching the YouTube videos. Looking forward to meeting some of you at friends with pat this year.
Hello, 6 years as a LE Explorer in Eastern WA, 3 years as a full time LEO in Eastern WA. Love hiking, fishing, hunting, shooting. I'm here to expand my knowledge with like minded individuals. Thanks
Aaron, from Texas , 4 years active duty MP in the army, currently pursuing a career in LE working in the oil field till then, I enjoy learning as much as I can about weapons and tactics.
Jordan, 5 years Active Duty Marine Corps., Currently pursuing undergraduate degree with the occasional hiatus for an odd contracting gig, currently residing in TX. I do the occasional basic firearms instruction and train regularly to retain skills in preparation for a future job in LE following college. I'm here to learn as much as I can for as long as I can!


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AJ - 10 years military, career in CT. Part time instructor in my free time. A friend recommended I check this out to get real no BS discussions and answers. I look forward to learning/discussing more with everyone. Cheers