Introductions Part 2

Name's Chris. I am a Special Conservator of the Peace( SCOP for short...or faux-po as I like to call it) for a series of hospitals in VA. I have a BS in criminal justice and will hopefully be moving to an actual PD soon. I came here from the FB groups mainly since the supply depot got shut down but I like the info I'm finding here. Will be using this to ask any LE related questions I have...assuming I can be allowed into the LE forum.
Names Garrett, im a Navy vet, aviation electrician when active duty, and then later a gunners mate in the reserve. Just a civilian now that enjoys and is active in all aspects of the gun world, to include getting quality training, reloading, building AR's, long range, carbine, and pistol shooting, and am passionate about patriotism and the 2nd amendment. I currently work in the safety, health, and environmental management field.
Chris, engineer in the automotive aftermarket, long time lurker of the forums and podcast, lifetime learner. recreational shooter but looking at adding training and maybe a little gaming (PRS/IDPA). Heavily into road racing/tinkering/fitness and maybe a little videogames when time permits.

Dan Arnold

Network Support I
Dan, I work as a civilian analyst for the US Army following insurgent groups in Afghanistan. Retired Army Reserve. I'm interested in getting better at self-defense and the history and development of military firearms, equipment and tactics.


Network Support I
Josh, active duty Air Force. Weapons troop on the F-16. Found my interest in guns in college. Over the past year really found my interest in gaining knowledge and training. Hoping to cross train to a more direct effect career field in the future.
Sam, Active Army. Formerly served as a Fire Support Officer, Platoon Leader, and Executive Officer in the 82nd. Currently transitioning to the Air Force to serve as an Air Liaison Officer.