Introductions Part 2

Paul Steigerwald

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Paul Steigerwald, 10 years as a Marine Officer, 4 active(Communications) and 6 reserve(Infantry). My active duty time was pre-GWOT, I did one non-combat GWOT deployment in the reserves and I've been out since 2005. I'm an enthusiastic civilian shooter now and I'm here to learn. I took many years off from shooting and the game has changed so much I feel like I've been in a time machine.
Richard, worked previously as a wildland firefighter and have loved firearms since I was young. Currently a training junky with primary interests being rifles, pistols, and NODs. Here to soak up some great information after spending countless hours enjoying the youtube content.
Hey everyone, I'm Nick. 8 years National Guard (field artillery), still serving. Just recently entered the wonderful and expensive world of suppressed sbrs. Big fan of P&S, was part of one of the fb groups until it shut down, and thought it was high time I joined the forum here.


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Ron, Civilian. Tool designer for government subcontractor; prior to that, cad designer for automotive supplier. Have been following P&S on Facebook and YouTube for the last few months by a friends recommendation. Just became a Patreon supporter to help fund all I have learned so far.


Account got nuked in the change-over to the new server, so here I am again. A few salient points
-gun range manager
-USPSA shooter/ match director
-Glock/S&W/AR armorer
-medium speed with some drag
-survived SHOT with Matt Landfair

Thanks all in advance for the new knowledge, and memes.


Fighter of the Daychief
Matt here. Civi in DFW, Rep of TX. Work in the transportation industry. Avid shooter seeking constant improvement. Been a reader and podcast listener for about a year after finding the sight via a link from another forum. Looking forward to learning and contributing when appropriate.
Zak. The token kid trying to absorb as much info as I can from the guys around me. Campus Security Corporal at a small Christian university. Just spearheaded starting a bicycle patrol team. Interests include gear, guns, Guinness and sunlight. And occasionally putting on a bite suit for our K9.


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Brandon ("Brandon T" on YT/most places, a.k.a. Dirk Johansen on Teh Facebooks) here. Civilian, although if I'm unfortunate enough to reincarnate I'll hopefully remember to go Mil instead of (or before?) marrying someone whose ex was military (and ruined the idea with the whole "being gone most of the time and having to move around the country right after you've finally made some friends"). Instead I went into software engineering, including designing online video players for a major news outlet. Nowadays I am unfortunately disabled in a way that keeps me from being nearly as deep into guns as I used to be and would like, which led me to living vicariously through online outlets like PnS, Forgotten Weapons, and InRangeTV, designing and 3D printing inventions that may one day work well enough to actually make me some money, PC gaming now and then, and - if the day is going exceptionally well - actually getting to the range to fire some rounds downrange.

Andrew Petersen

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Hello all! Andrew from northern MN, Duluth to be precise. Long time follower of P&S as well as a long time dispeller of derp the best that I can. Been shooting and seriously into guns for the last 5 years. I worked for an armored truck service for a year and am now a regular delivery truck driver. Nothing special. I'm here to learn and do what I can to teach those in my reach.

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