Introductions Part 2

Hey folks, Augee Kim. I've recently come onboard as a Programs Manager for TNVC. I've floated around in various circles here and there (almost always using my name "Augee") in the past, including some of the P&S facebook groups, but I'm looking forward to being a more active participant here as part of the P&S community! Currently based out of the Pittsburgh, PA area and a graduate student at West Virginia University, military since 2006, OEF 2007-8 and 2010.

Kiersten "Whit" Whitacre here. Dude with a girl's name. Home studio songwriter/guitar player. Current LE of 10yrs, former Navy helicopter pilot. Always sought a forum to rudely argue against 5.56, red dots, training in the rain and seeing front sights. This is the place, right? Kidding. Mouth closed ears open. Thanks for having me.


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Aaron. Just a dude. A college buddy added me to the FB page 1-2 years ago. I have been a shooter my whole life. Lots of doves as a kid, pistols in my 20's and just now getting into rifles. Thanks for putting together this community.
Hello all! Ian here! Not LE or Military. I've worked off and on in the firearms industry in gunsmithing, basic NRA firearms instructing, firearms retail and optics retail in the Denver area for the last 6 years. Trinidad State Junior College gunsmithing program graduate. Love all aspects of shooting. Lately been spending more time and money on precision rifle and carbine. Interested in finding some training opportunities. Looking forward to learning as much as I can from you all!
I can't talk about my current ops as I am deployed with Seal Team Twix.

Hopefully that's not offensive, but in reality, nonLEO/nonMIL, IQ and BMI barely and way above average, respectively. Shoot for fun/defense live in a trash state which forces some creativity. Long time low round count pistol shooter, but last year have gotten back into it in a big way, bought a rifle and have been working my way up through a bunch of defensive rifle and pistol courses, haranguing family and friends to obtain their LTCs, turning a lot of money into noise, kydex, and aluminum as I get with the times. Glad to be here, appreciate the community you guys have created.
Howdy, I'm Jeff, have a few years of non-sworn LE experience and looking to become sworn soon. I generally like gun stuff, motorcycles, dogs and think that medical training is fun.
I don't do anything operator for a living but I can juggle 2 callers, a chemical fire and get 522 his outside assist cover unit all at the same time.


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Hello, I’m Joe from SW WI. Firearms have been my passion for a long time. I graduated in 2016 with a mechanical engineering degree to work in the industry or work to fund my hobby and work on firearms on the side. No LE/Mil for me. When I get settled down, I’ll be joining the local volunteer fire department. I’ve learned a lot from this community over the past year from teaching to doing to understanding the “why”.


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Niels, super-civilian. Mechanical engineer/designer. Ultra tool nerd, gun botcher, shameless collector, aspirational shooter.
Also part-time higher-ed prof. Spending all my free time trying to get woke on the shooting/tactics/gear/training/rediness things, have about 30 years of catchup to do. P&S is new way!
Ok will try not to be too long winded.
Started competition shooting in the late 70's during the Jeff Cooper days, I was lucky and got to meet many of those heroes back then and shoot with most of them. I chased the dream across the country and shot every kind of pistol and three gun including the old Soldier of Fortune match, I did pretty well and in the 80s landed a gig with the Mid South Institute of Self Defense Shooting AKA Shaws school and for Ray Chapman at the Chapman Academy to help train many of the high speed guys gearing up for the upcoming GWOT. That was the most rewarding job I've ever had.

My LE career was 20+ years mostly as a Criminal Investigator and firearms trainer. These days I shoot some USPSA matches, do some executive protection, and I'll be instructing at a MILO installation.