Introductions Part 2


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Josh. Day job is Collaboration IT, ex. USAF. I'm a long time competitive shooter and run 3-gun events. Also interested in privacy and security, and basically anything that is loud and goes fast. I'm here because P&S is all about getting past the BS and talking about what really works.
Kyle I’m Stay at Home Dad. Current events junkie. I enjoy shooting, building AR platforms (currently building a quality inexpensive upper from mostly on sale components). I enjoy reading apocalyptic & science fiction books and military history.
I am also a retired Army Infantry Officer. Deployed to Somalia & Haiti with 10th MTN DIV. Spend 33 months deployed advising the Iraqi Army, the Afghan Army, the Afghan Border Police and the Afghan National Civil Order Police. And I graduated Ranger School back when it was hard.
I'm Ben, I go by Red Dirt since I'm an Okie. I'm a tinkerer. This seeps into everything I do. I build guns, I love to cook, I just got an engineering degree, and I get sucked into min-maxing in every video game I play. I shoot USPSA and Run and Guns. I love the CZ-75.


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Non-mil/Non-LE. Regular dude, former defense/firearms industry guy who liked to tinker with military vehicles. Currently working in the aviation field and spend my free time shooting or taking classes. I'm just here to learn, maybe contribute if someone is really curious about the inside of old armor.


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I’m Scott. Doing the Army thing for a few years now, and had the chance to work with an interesting cross section of the Army. I rotate interests within the firearms realm from tactical Timmy, WWII, to precision, and back again every few months. I also work for an SOT, and love having people enjoy quiet guns, especially when it helps introduce new shooters. I also do semi-hippie things like climbing rocks and ice and generally like being outside away from people over cities.

I enjoy taking classes, and now that I have ventured back to the lower 48 from AK, the training opportunities have grown substantially.
Jordan, in the AF Reserves and working for the Govt. Love guns and been tinkering with 1911's when I can. I'm also a bit of a training nut and since I've started to listen to Primary and Secondary Modcasts, my knowledge of the Industry and gun set ups have gone up exponentially. Btw, I wish Chuck Pressburg is my uncle...
Hey guys my name is Vince, I am an old school light fighter forum member-welbly. I am former Army Civil Affairs. Currently I am a Federal Agent in the Office of Secure Transportation, I am a tactical medic with in my agency, and I own a small company called Aptus Design Group.
August Here, going on 2 years Active Duty in the AF Security Forces, TRF at my current duty station. Hobbies include but not limited to 4x4 activities, 2 gun competitions and general shooting, Video Games on PC, avoiding my "Honey Do" list and hiking.

*edit* And Scotch, I love scotch.