Introductions Part 2

Josh, Northern Virginia- Govt Civilian Counterterrorism Analyst. 4 Civ deployments to AF, no prior LE/MIL. Writer and Competitive Shooter for Spotter Up. When I'm not working I'm shooting pretty much. Mostly USPSA, some IDPA and a little 3 Gun and Rimfire. I play PS4 games too, mostly battlefield titles but whatever else is hot.
Karl D here. Retired 25 yrs+ LE in NYPD (19 in ESU). Now working as an LE product rep for Surefire, Springfield Armory, Trijicon and Blue Force Gear. Also run my own civilian oriented training company focusing on security and preparedness. Here to keep learning and provide info when requested/necessary!
Of course my avatar is PINK. Kyle. Ex Army 82nd 4/325 AIR. Full-time Firefighter 19 years. Bartender 26 years at a topless bar /knuckledragger/ mouth breather. Spent the the last two years trying to purchase all the cool guy gear, ready to get serious about training. Bjj white belt. forever.