After Action Reports

Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine 6-11/6-12 Part Three

Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine Part 3 The vast majority of defensive and LE shootings occur in the evening and hours of darkness. The ability to take on the challenges of acquiring and engaging threats becomes exponentially more difficult for many once extra manipulations are required for light work. Steve


Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine 6/11-6/12 Part Two

PART 2 T1 Afternoon: The Sentinel Concepts Practical Urban Carbine course is a course designed to  work with students on skills needed to engage targets out to 300 yards. This is a series of topics and skills that are near and dear to me and my duties, responsibilities, and environment.


Lessons Learned As An Instructor

One of the biggest things I learned as a firearms instructor which took years of focus and near 360 degrees of observation of the student – the ability to assess whether there is a learning opportunity versus a teaching moment. Basically it is the ability to observe an issue and


Law Enforcement Case Law and What it Means for You

So after Bill Blowers and I discussed LE training on a ModCast recently, I got several questions regarding case law and how it applies to training and where liabilities exist - so rather than answer a couple people, I’m going to address those questions and issues in this article. This


AAR – Vehicle Close Quarters Battle Instructor with William Petty

Class: Vehicle Close Quarters Battle (VCQB) Instructor Instructor: William Petty Location: 88 Tactical Lodge Tekamah, Nebraska March 29th to April 1st, 2016 *Most of the photos are from Mellor Photography and were provided to students for personal use*   Disclaimer: First off, to ensure everything is on the up and


How Jiu-Jitsu Made Me A Better Shooter

First things first, here is my bio to gauge whether or not my opinions are relevant to you: Lifelong martial artist (TKD, Muay Thai, BJJ), no LEO or military experience (save being an Air Force brat), NRA pistol instructor (who isn’t?). I have received previous training from George Wehby of