How to Generate the TRACR Reports for use.

For Training Tuesday, We are continuing our discussion about the trending report data available in the TRACR program on most ranges of Fort Bragg.

To recap, the trending report is the computer taking the selected iterations for a specific course of fire like Table VI (Record Fire qualification for M4/M16) and allows the unit to know what the total number of hits for a total number of targets presented was. The trending report also gives what the percentage is that those two numbers generate.  As mentioned before, this is useful in identifying trends for the unit to improve their lethality. The report is a printed out table with these numbers. Units can then take this data and use it to show how their paratroopers are doing.

To generate the trending report, I have to access the program. The computer in the range tower has an icon that resembles the one shown in picture one. If you don’t have the program up already, you can click on it to activate it.

Once the TRACR program is up and running, you will select the drop down at the top left of the TRACR window marked ‘tools’ you will select the ‘scoring roll-up report’ option at that time.


The menu that comes up is the same one that is used to create the summary run results for an iteration, or the individual score sheets. The only difference being, I’m going to select multiple iterations to generate the trending report.

I can either select the iterations that I want or hit the ‘select all’ button and have all the iterations for the day selected. Once I have determined the iterations I want to be included in this particular report, I will click on the ‘trending report’ button which will create the report for me to print.

As you can see, the trending reports are not the bar chart I showed you last week but they are a table of numbers. I take those back to my office and input them into an excel spreadsheet I’ve created that illustrates the trend over time, which is a discussion for another day.

So to sum up, trending reports are a vital source of information on how the unit as a whole is doing. They are a part of the TRACR program and can be accessed for the majority of Automated Record Fire Ranges on Fort Bragg. Next week, we will continue our discussion about trending reports, as we discuss how to build a spreadsheet from the data that will give you the ability to sort the information as needed.

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For those who need a walkthrough with the actual program, below is the video I pulled these pictures from.


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