Gear & Equipment (Stuff that helps us accomplish the mission)

What Rig Should I Get For Class?

I often get this question.. what rig should I get for Class? Considerations to be made before asking this are - 1) consult instructor for recommendations 2) consult prior attendees 3) what do you carry now? 4) how will this choice alter your current direction as a class rig for


The Gimmick of Blood Type Patches

BY: Tore Haugli Blood type patches and why they are nothing more than gimmicks. I was asked to type out a short post detailing why these kinds of patches - blood types, NKDA etc - are totally useless for real world application. 1. No professional pre-hospital medical provider will look for,


How To End The Endless Quest For Good Footwear

By: Michael Heuser A couple of things. Don't wear kicks that reflect the current trend just so you can step up your Instagram picture "likes"... Only fools and tools do that shit. Your foot volume, foot profile, and biomechanical issues are as unique to you as is your BZO or your


“That Guy”: Gearing Up

Know your goal. Know your role. Slow your roll. We live in a world of appearances. It's unavoidable when most of the data we accumulate is visual. How we look is important and can play a large part in what social groups we to which we gain entry. If you


Why I Have A Red Dot On My Pistol – Part 2

After receiving a lot of great feedback regarding my first offering, I decided to write a follow up article based on the questions I received. Again, I want to reiterate that I am by no means a subject matter expert. I am sharing this as a regular guy that trains


Why I Have A Red Dot On My Pistol – Part 1

Red Dot Sights (RDS) are possibly the single biggest innovation on the pistol platform in recent years. But just like any “new” thing, it has its evangelists and its naysayers. Is it a valuable tool to help you protect you and your loved ones or is it just an expensive


Being Prepared For All Seasons: Through Layer Selection

When dressing before I head out, I like to ask myself, "can I reasonably change a tire, dressed as I am, with the full range of weather and temperatures for today?" From time to time, we must all deal with weather-effects outside of our norm, while still taking on tasks


What is quality?

  What is quality? According to the American Society of Quality, quality is - 1. the characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs; 2. a product or service free of deficiencies in“fitness for use;” or in a “conformance to requirements.”


Tactical, cold, wind, rain, survive.

Here are some things to consider regarding layering and desolate areas. The land of many mountains, high desert and high winds can make for a challenging way to manage your body heat while working with tacti-cool gear. The critical issue is to maintain a balance of body core temperature and


Slings – a very general overview

In regards to slings, there are those with experience that know the way things work and there are those without experience that make decisions based on peer pressure or appearances. Slings are to a carbine as holsters are to a handgun. Slings are a needed piece of equipment. There are