Aimpoint RDS and Pistol Mounting PSA


Aimpoint RDS and Pistol mounting PSA

Last year I finally got into the RDS equipped Glock game, using a ALG Defense 6 Second Mount on a Gen 4 Glock 22. About 100 rounds into learning the gun, the dot disappeared. I contacted Aimpoint, and they took care of replacing the pre 2009 well used and abused 4 MOA T-1 with a new 2 MOA T1. In the meantime I used another pre 2009 used and abused 4 MOA T-1 on that gun. It had no issues in the mean time.


A couple months ago, I received a testing model of the Raven Concealment Balor optic mount. I took the used 4 MOA T-1 and put it on the Balor and then mounted it on the Gen 4 Glock 22. About 200 rounds into it, well dot/dial broke. Again, I contacted Aimpoint. Aimpoint rapidly took care of warranty work on this, but more importantly for those interested in a Aimpoint RDS on a Glock, I received the following advice.

While there is no proof that the Aimpoint T-1 family is being killed on pistols, there have been more than one optic killed when mounted to a pistol. While researching that, Aimpoint realized that the majority of the T-1’s being killed were older with a certain tech improvement that started on the T-2 series. The improvement is seen when you remove the battery.

As you can see in the following picture, there are 3 “nubs” (for lack of better term) on the copper disc. This is the old tech.

This is on the new tech – starting roughly mid 2015 production T-1 family (2 MOA usually). This has 16 nubs on it. This is shown on a 2 MOA T1 I got last summer in warranty repair/replacement from Aimpoint. The other 2 MOA T1 I bought last year in the mid summer from a Aimpoint distributor doesn’t have the 16 nubs, meaning it was existing stock.

Just be aware of this if you happen to need a Aimpoint RDS for a Glock. For more discussion on Aimpoint RDS, be sure to check out the discussion on the various Primary And Secondary outlets.

Matt Levi
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Law Enforcement since 2009. Matt has a background in firearms and tactics training, and has been trying to learn from those with more knowledge and experience than him. This has involved recognizing that he needed to attend outside training. This led him to take training with Vickers Tactical, DARC, LMS Defense and others.


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