Bawidamann Denlinger OWB Mag Pouch

After seeing a Soldier Systems Daily article about the Bawidamann holster now called the Gotham, I wanted to look into further into the holster. So I bought one. I was already familiar with Bawidamann horizontal mag pouches and their blades by reputation – that reputation being quite good.  Long backstory short, the holster is outstanding. Excellent passive retention, nicely finished, very well constructed, very comfortable, sturdy. This is coming from someone who has been wearing weapons appendix for a number of years, so comfort is relative.

Mid January I acquired a small selection of Bawidamann mag pouches: the already well known horizontal Uber CC for standard Glock mags as well and a newer Uber CC for a G43, and the vertical Denlinger for my 9mm double stack Glocks and  one for my G43.

Similarly crafted to the Gotham, the finely made Denlinger is a low profile OWB streamlined single mag pouch. The pouch affixes to your belt via a flexible strip that is permanently attached to the bottom with screws and heavy rubber washers and the top has a one way snap. This pouch does have a smaller footprint compared to other similar pouches due to needing only one belt attachment point. The ability to put on and take off (but not fall off) easily is something I appreciate. Glock 17 mags are shown in these pictures for reference.

The pouch holds closely to your body. All edges are rounded to reduce snagging on your clothing. So far this is the lowest profile mag pouch I have used worn outside the belt. The magazine does not move while in the pouch – it requires your intervention to remove the mag. Very solid.

I have worn this mag pouch daily since receiving it. Initially, due to being such a small pouch on a thick 1.5″ leather belt there isn’t much room. I had difficulty in attaching to my belt. I figured out applying pressure directly underneath the snap locks it all together quite easily.

Overall, slim, solid, no snags, excellent mag retention, easy on and off make this is very easy item to recommend.



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