What Rig Should I Get For Class?


I often get this question.. what rig should I get for Class?
Considerations to be made before asking this are –
1) consult instructor for recommendations
2) consult prior attendees
3) what do you carry now?
4) how will this choice alter your current direction as a class rig for most shall not be any different than what is to be used “in real life”
Features and abilities of a rig in general (this comes from building them) are as follows
A) 3-5 magazines with no less than 1/4 of mag exposed (4 being nominal even choice for people to wrap their head gaskets around)
B) Bungee topped / cross-faced compression along with ability to use kydex insert for bungee less retention
C) magazines placed in single file parallel to user body.
D) side edges of rig should not go under arms
E) accessories should be accessible by either hand without looking. (Diver’s triangle or workspace)
F) larger pockets with positive closure
G) ability to carry “simple” medkit
H) Obviousness to others (no shit where is stuff for others to access)
-Med supplies – bandage, hemostatic, ducttape
-Flashlight, multitool
-notebook & pencil
During this time your Secondary and secondary ammo should be carried on your belt… ideally not altered in position than what you would normally carry for daily pistol wear.
Hydration -stop any thought about integrated hydro, you will be best served by keeping your hydro in a separate pack that can shed for refill or access, vice having to shimmy out of your rig each time you need to top off. Plus this allows you later to wear other shit on your back.

2a 4a
Avoid at all costs CONDOR, Fox outdoors, voodoo Tactical, UnderTheGun and Rothco (Here is further input on the subject Vests are a non starter, as are anything that has cross draw holster.
Keep it simple and don’t over think it.
Just to make sure you’ve gotten this far, don’t be That Guy who waits to fiddlefucklearn their kit the day of class.



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