Hickory Shampoo


It’s here… (Well the pre order is at least)
I present to you my SHOT Show 2016.
This is a joint fundraising efforts between Primary & Secondary and
Those who have walked a beat or been around the block know all to well how effective “Hickory Shampoo” can be when applied correctly. Fo Reelz, it fixes shit like dandruff smile emoticon
Last year we did a fantastic job raising funds for OperationGraceWhite, this year I will be making a donation to C.O.P.S. (Concerns Of Police Survivors) as they are the go to outfit for helping LEOs who have been involved in shootings or other severe/traumatic events.
THIS IS PRE ORDER ONLY, I will not have the patches in hand for a week.
Please support C.O.P.S., buy a batch for yourself and for your LEO friend.


Matt Landfair
Lead Editor/Contributor at Primary & Secondary
Active Law Enforcement background since before the turn of the century in the middle of no where. Firearms instructor, armorer, has attended numerous training courses including DARC, Follow Through Consulting, EAG, TMacs, and more boring mandatory popo training you can shake a stick at. Has died a million deaths by powerpoint. He has written for RECOIL Magazine, Breach Bang Clear, Soldier Systems Daily and Monderno. Enjoys long walks on the beach, blah blah blah… Known as Matt Prime or Riafdnal in some circles.
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