The Value of Backgrounds With Teaching

Something that’s been bugging me of late and I have to rant a bit about…let me be blunt (as those who know me can appreciate) –


That’s right…anybody who knows me, knows I know my way around guns. But what’s more important is, how I got to know my way around guns MATTERS THE FUCK NOT!!!!! It suffices, that if somebody can concisely, succinctly and confidently make a logical teaching point, I DO NOT validate that point by asking that person, “ok…what SOF unit were you in” before I take that lesson and use it to it’s fullest.

I’ve learned over time that I’m a good judge of character and experience has shown me that I have a knack for surviving gun fights and making young Soldiers into old ones. But the most important lesson I’ve learned is that the youngest Soldier does not define that person’s level of competency. What I’ve learned is that confidence, maturity, logic intelligence and the ability to use common sense to validate fundamental truths comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, age and EXPERIENCE LEVELS!!!!!

My belief is that there is faaaaarrrrrr too much emphasis put on a dude or duddette’s background by sycophants who “want to touch the magic”. Let me be definitive here…if you want to “touch the magic” I advise you to go on the crusade for the Holy Grail and enlist Merlin to help…you can touch his magic everyday you’re on “the quest”. But if you want to learn, seek out those who know, not those who tell what they did to justify to you that you should listen to them and them only…and only do what they alone teach you!!!!! Teachers are LEADERS…so pick the right LEADER…or has everyone forgotten this truth, and every responsibility that goes along with the title LEADER??? Further, I’d like to enlist those instructors who are out there professing their DA 2-1’s in order to get an increase in class enrollment, to get back on the “humility train” and remember where you came from…you started somewhere, as does everyone and start pointing out to those who want to latch on as sycophants (realizing full well that it’s a business) that you have a responsibility to the industry and it’s reputation to comport yourself in such a way which inspires your students to want to follow you because you lead well…NOT BECAUSE YOU WERE IN DELTA FORCE, MARSOC, FORCE RECON, SF, THE RANGER REGIMENT OR SEAL TEAM 6…OOOOPPPPPSSSS…THERE I SAID IT!!!!!!!


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