SITREP: Primary & Secondary


Now that SHOT is over, I can provide a SITREP for P&S. I attended SHOT for multiple reasons. The biggest reason: I wanted the event to be a litmus test to gauge where P&S is and what our forecasted future might be. The future is extremely bright, sunny, with little to no rain. This would not be possible without your influence. Thank You!

If you get your hands on issue 23 of RECOIL Magazine check page 172 and actually read it; don’t just admire the handsome ruggedness of David Reeder’s visage. This may give you an idea of how we are doing. I will leave that interpretation to you – I see it quite positive.

The biggest takeaway from SHOT is we have SOLID friends and associates within P&S. Meeting every single person associated with our network (mod and member alike) was both exciting and refeshing. Everyone was even better than expected… because, you know, we are on Facebook and the Interwebz – someone, somewhere is a loser – apparently not in P&S.

Again, Thank You for helping us maintain a higher level of information for those that need it.




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