Range Facility Management Support System

For this discussion we will be looking at how the two-week read-only calendar for the Range Facility Management Support System can be your best friend in finding available ranges on Fort Bragg.

In the first picture below, you can see the link for the calendar highlighted in red. Keep In mind, you will need CAC card access to get on this website.

Once you are on the read-only calendar, you will come up to a blank page, that will have a calendar drop-down with tomorrow’s date in it (highlighted in red in the second picture). To the right of that, is the facilities you are requesting. Fort Bragg has structured RFMSS so that you request actual and virtual training facilities through different menus. The Drop Down in picture three illustrates this. An example of your virtual site would be the Engagement Skills Trainer.

So say I am planning on conducting training on January Third and want to use Range 1. I would click on the date showing in the window (which should be showing tomorrow’s date, in my case, it’s the 22nd of December). I will then select the date starting at the range I am looking at, so I will go for the third of January.

RFMSS will then pull up the calendar for what has been scheduled. And if you look in the fourth picture, you will see I have scrolled down to it and selected Range 1. If you look at January 3rd, you’ll notice it shows an x1 where the date/range column and rows intersect. You know you have selected a date in RFMSS when the range shows up in green.

Notice, that below the range calendar, there is a lot of red information. That is RFMSS telling you potential safety violations that may happen as a result of you scheduling the range.

At the top of all that red information, is a white set of what appear to be excel cells. This tells me that 2-501 PIR has scheduled the range when I am planning on using it. This means that I cannot schedule the range at this time, however, there are several solutions still available to me.

I can call and see if I can coordinate a co-use with 2-501. The drawback to this is, I can only be out there when they are running it, and when they are done, I have to leave the range. However, there is another potential option available.

If you look at the rows below the calendar, you’ll notice one labelled ‘RCNI.’ if I click on that number for 2/501’s reservation, it pulls up the range request. I can get the requesting unit’s phone number, and contact them. Sometimes, you get lucky, and they needed to cancel the range anyway, or were planning on cancelling but hadn’t got around to it. If that happens, you can then go to your unit’s land scheduler, and get it reserved.

To summarize, RFMSS is the system we use to schedule all land and training facilities on Fort Bragg, you can’t schedule land without an account, but you can read the two-week calendar to see what is available. And just because someone else has scheduled land, doesn’t mean you can’t use it. There are options, you just have to know how to use the system. We’ll continue this discussion next week when we talk about how to plan training using the Planning process And RFMSS.



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