P&S Training Summit 2020 Helps Law Enforcement

Our training event set for Sept 2020 is still being refined and additional topics to be taught and vendors providing demos are being added.

Part of the goal of this event is to provide training to law enforcement administrators, policy makers, and lead range staff on our dime. Not every decision maker understands the benefits of low power variable optics on patrol rifles, red dots on pistols, incorporating live fire into effective training, or methods of maximizing the limited budget or time we have for training. This event provides an opportunity to get better acquainted with all of those topics to help those individuals guide their department into a more effective organization. Through these efforts we can help be positive influences on those agencies around us as well.

We need your help to spread the word. Social media algorithms are rejecting this as an ad post, so help us out by sharing with people you know that would benefit. This event will be open to the public but will need those open slots filled in order to sponsor the LE policy maker slots. It is also very important to let your local agencies know about this event so they can apply and attend.

Let’s help raise the bar for law enforcement.



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